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What's New & Important


What's New and Important

Black Label Container/Vault Door Phase-Out Notice.  Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) issued ISOO Notice 2021-01 dated 29 June 2021 with the subject of "rescinding approval of pre-1989 GSA-approved containers".  This notice details the phase-out of plan for all GSA-approved security containers and vault doors manufactured prior to 1989 (commonly known as black label containers and vault doors). 
GSA Fedsafes, Inc. QPL Status  Please review this GSA letter dated 20 January 2021 with the subject of "Status of Existing Fedsafes GSA-Approved Security Cabinets".  This letter clarifies the status of the Fedsafes, Inc. GSA-approved class 5 security cabinets manufactured under Federal Specification AA-F-358.  Fedsafes, Inc. was removed from the GSA Qualified Products List (by QPL-AA-F-358-16) on 9 September 2017 due to reoccurring inconsistent test results and failure to adequately resolve the issues during periodic re-evaluations of their class 5 cabinet.  Although Fedsafes was removed from the Qualified Products List as an authorized manufacturer, the original GSA approval of the existing class 5 cabinets has not been revoked.
ILCO Magstripe and ILCO RFID systems time/date errors.  ILCO Magstripe and ILCO RFID systems require a software update before 24 November 2021 to prevent time/date errors after that date.  This includes the following locks: System 700/700-II, 710/710-II/740, ILCO 76x/77x, ILCO 79x, Confidant (ILCO), and Q90.  The responsible manufacturer, Dormakaba, has recently informed the Department of Defense that the ILCO locks used in DoD lodging facilities will have a "time management" problem at 20:00 (EST) on 24 November 2021 if a software update is not conducted on the system before that date.  Additional information on the ILCO lodging system’s time management problem and the manufacturer’s solutions can be found on the Dormakaba website or call Dormakaba Customer Service Resolution Center at (800) 896-2017.  Please review the above website or call the Dormakaba Customer Service Center to determine if the system at your lodging facilities requires this software update.
Government Purchase Cards Limit Decrease.  Department of Treasury is lowering the limit on use of the Government Purchase Cards (GPC) for intra-governmental transactions from $24,999.99 to $9,999.99 effective October 1, 2020.  Click here for more information.
Security Storage Equipment Procurement Procedures. Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) issued Notice 2014-02: Procurement of Security Equipment on 4 April 2014.  This notice specifies General Services Administration (GSA) approved security containers (including IPS containers) and vault doors must be procured through GSA Global Supply or GSA Multiple Award Schedule program.  Contact or the DoD Lock Program Hotline at (800) 290-7607 for any questions regarding this notice.
The Class 6-S Shipboard Container. GSA-approved shipboard security containers are available, and meet the need for containers that require welding or bolting to the deck without losing their GSA approval.  Many regular Class 6 security containers on ships have been welded or bolted to secure them in place which permanently voids the GSA approval.  Since 2012, Class 6-S containers, built and tested under Class 6-S in Federal specification AA-F-358J, have been available for procurement.  Visit our GSA-approved Shipboard Container page for more information.
Kaba Mas Bulletin #58, Drive Cam Change, has been issued to address the installation issue where the spindle is cut too short because it is not properly seated in the drive cam.  The drive cam was changed from a four sided slot to 12 spoke hub design to aid in proper seating of the spindle prior to measuring and cutting the spindle.  Click here to view Kaba Mas Bulletin #58.
Timeline for Replacement of Modified Shipboard Containers. The Undersecretary of the Navy released a memo concerning security containers onboard naval ships.  UNSECNAV Memo, MEMORANDUM FOR VICE CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS, Subject: Shipboard Containers Used for the Storage of Classified Information, 26 June 2015, discusses the GSA-approved Class 6-S shipboard security container with a priority replacement timeline.  For more information on Class 6-S security containers visit our GSA-approved Shipboard Container page.
Guidance on Safeguarding and Storage of Classified National Security Information. DoD Manual 5200.01, DoD Information Security Program has been released in four (4) volumes.  They can be found on our Directives and Guidance page. This document replaces DoD Regulation 5200.1-R.  The DoD Lock Program can provide further guidance on Volume 3, DoD Information Security Program: Protection of Classified Information, concerning safeguarding and storage of classified information.  Major changes to note in Volume 3:
  • GSA-approved security containers shall have an FF-L-2740 lock (page 35, paragraph 2)
  • You shall record the lock combination on the SF 700 form (page 39 paragraph 10)
  • You shall record the lock serial number on the SF 700 form when replacing a lock (page 39 paragraph 7)
  • When disposing of a security container to DLA Disposition Service (formerly DRMO/DRMS) remove the GSA approval label (page 39 paragraph 8.b)
The Class 5-W Drawer-Type Weapons Container. The Class 5-W drawer-type weapons container is approved and labeled specifically for weapons storage.  It is provided with an FF-L-2937 mechanical combination lock.  This is a cost effective alternative to a Class 5 container with an FF-L-2740 electro-mechanical combination lock intended for storage of classified materials.  Changes made in Revision J to Federal Specification AA-F-358, released 2 November 2010, show the new weapons container.
The Latest Edition, Issue #31, of the Security Facts Newsletter is Available.  Please visit our Newsletter Index page to see previous publications of the Security Facts Newsletter.  In an effort to reduce the impact on the environment, we will send an email notification when the latest edition has been posted on our website.

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