Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center

Facilities Management

Thermal and Power Systems Engineering

Our Subject Matter Experts (SME) in thermal, power systems, and diesel offer support for boiler and unfired pressure vessels (UPV), and steam and diesel power plants.  Services include:  specialized engineering capabilities and test equipment, inspection by certified inspectors, vibration diagnostics, casualty investigation, configuration oversight, and turnkey services.  Our SMEs provide support for Joint Capacity Technical Demostations (JCTD).  The JCTD process is a pre-acquisition activity, spanning from two to four years. It provides an opportunity to assess innovative technologically capabilities and determine the military utility.

Trackage, Vertical Transportation Equipment (VTE), Boiler & UPV and Cathodic Protection (CP) Certification Programs

We manage, for NAVFAC the Trackage, VTE (also known as elevators and escalators) the Boiler & UPV and CP Certification Programs.  For all programs, our mechanical and electrical services include:  audits, inspector and emergency personnel training, FEAD support, casualty investigation, consultation services, technical support, safety code interpretations, policy/criteria coordination and monitoring of inspection at all activities ensuring safety violations are promptly corrected.

Petroleum Oil Lubricant (POL) Facilities Engineering

We provide specialized POL Facilities Engineering and Technology support world-wide, including engineering for handling, receiving, and dispensing facilities, pipelines, storage tanks, corrosion protection, lining identification, and other POL engineering requirements.  We partner with NAVFAC Components to deliver a quality integrity assessment and POL Facilities Engineering Program.  Our team is experienced with inspections, code compliance, hydrostatic testing, intelligent pigging, video inspection, piping systems, design and repair.

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