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MUSE - Mobile Utilities Support Equipment

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Welcome to the Mobile Utilities Support Equipment (MUSE), home to all your utility needs.  MUSE is staffed by highly trained members of the United States Navy Seabees, stationed in Port Hueneme, California.

The MUSE mission is simple.  We provide portable diesel engine-driven generators, substations and switchgear to meet utility shortcomings.  Our targeted customers are U.S. Navy Activities and the U.S. Marine Corps, but depending upon the situation we can provide service to other DoD activities and non-DoD activities with appropriate justification and approval.

Our equipment includes 420 kW diesel-driven electrical generators and 1500 kVA to 5000 kVA electrical substations. 

Detailed information on our equipment can be found in the MUSE equipment guide.



1322 Patterson Ave. SE, Suite 1000, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. 20374-5065

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