Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center

Utilities and Energy Management

Mobile Utilities Support Equipment (MUSE)

MUSE provides mobile, modular, utility grade power generation and transformation equipment for fleet operations and cold iron support, facilities and critical infrastructure support, humanitarian assistance, disaster recovery, and expeditionary support.  We are a Title 10 service that provides: facility and pier-side support that interfaces with utility infrastructure; a reduction in dependence on commercial utilities, resulting in increased energy security; an economical alternative to costly rentals of commercial assets; and technical solutions to bridge the gap between emergent requirements and long term solutions (MILCONs).  MUSE is staffed by subject matter experts who provide installation of organic assets, technical assistance for both organic and nonorganic assets, and uninterruptible power supply expertise.  Personnel are on call 24/7 and equipment is engineered for maximum transportability, allowing for rapid mobilization to anywhere in the world.

Critical Power Supply Systems

Our engineers and technicians are focused on providing a full line of integrated services to ensure critical power system components are designed, installed, and operated effectively.  Efforts are focused on communication and intelligence facilities that require a high level of reliability.  A majority of these serviced include:  system design, troubleshooting and procurement support of uninterruptable power system. Generators, distribution cabling and equipment and associated switchgear.

Energy and Water Program Management

In direct support to NAVFAC HQ we assist in executing the centrally funded Energy Program for the Department of the Navy (DON). Execution includes assessing impacts of legislation, financial management of the program, annual planning and progress reporting (DUERS), managing a DoD-wide energy awareness campaign, validating emerging technologies, evaluating feasibility and providing guidance for implementation of renewable energy systems, and coordinating DON energy projects.

Energy and Water Projects

We coordinate development and execution of ECIP and financed energy projects that increase operating efficiency, reduce utility costs, re-capitalize infrastructure and assist installations to achieve energy reduction goals. We assist installations and Facilities Engineering Commands with development and execution of an integrated energy management plan, provide resources, monitor execution progress, and provide reach back engineering support as required. Through our many partnerships and leadership of the DON Energy Savings Performance Contracting team, we leverage more than $100M to resources annually to achieve results. Three notable projects are a 3.8 MW wind farm at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; a 39 MW cogeneration plant to meet fleet requirements in Yokosuka, Japan; and a landfill gas recovery project at Marine Corps Logistics Bases Albany, GA.

Energy RDT&E

We conduct research, development, testing and evaluation of energy technology and energy related systems to accelerate technology transfer.
 - Energy storage/ flow batteries
 - High efficiency photovoltaic systems
 - High efficiency air conditioning and heating systems
 - Plasma lighting
 - Fuel cells, and more

DON is faced with aggressive mandates for energy efficiency and renewable energy use. However, the state of technology in production leaves technical gaps in meeting these mandates.  We evaluate technologies that address these gaps and provide solutions to DON installations.  Technologies in later stages of readiness levels are evaluated by demonstrating the technology at facilities and collecting data to assess the performance. 

Energy Security

We serve as the Transition Manager (XM) for SPIDERS (Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security) JCTD as well as management of RDT&E microgrid projects. Additionally, we collaborate with the SPPI (Smart Power Partnership initiative) program on microgrid projects. These efforts, in addition to our Critical Power program, ICS (Industrial Controls System) expertise, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) energy data management enable us to provide Energy Security expertise with full consideration of the technical issues related to smart grid and microgrid solutions.

Geothermal Program Office

Our geothermal experts install test probes, drill test wells, and understand geotechnical formations to explore for and develop geothermal energy resources on DoD lands. Resources are developed under Public Private Venture to construct power generating plants. Our staff provides oversight of a 180 MW geothermal energy generating plant at Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake.

Industrial Controls and HVAC

Our engineers have Navy-wide experience improving and optimizing Industrial Control systems to enhance performance of facility and utility systems.  We developed the Navy’s guide specification for HVAC controls and support procurement and installation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems.  We review HVAC projects and validate projections for energy savings.

Renewable Energy Program Support

Our renewable energy specialists assist with renewable energy resource assessments and perform technology feasibility screenings to assist DON meet renewable energy goals. In addition, the EXWC renewable team executes RDT&E projects to develop and/or evaluate new and emerging renewable energy tools and technologies for the purpose of transitioning and integrating cost-effective technologies into DON facilities.

Technology Validation (Techval)

There are numerous products that purport to save energy, but which ones really work and will have the greatest impact on DON’s world-wide energy consumption? Our Techval program investigates available third party literature and field evaluates technologies that are in production, but under utilized by DON. The purpose is to document the energy savings, cost, and maintenance issues, develop criteria and guidance for effective application, and reduce the risk to installations to incorporate emerging technology. Techval identified cool roofs, chillers with integrated variable frequency drives, duct sealant, thermal de-stratification fans, and light emitting diode (LED) lighting technologies to transfer to DON use.

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