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Studying the Impact of Seafloor Cables on the Marine Environment

Spring 2014
Page 7

Principal investigators sponsored by the Navy Environmental Sustainability Development to Integration (NESDI) program recently completed the second year of a multiyear study assessing the placement and removal of an underwater cable from the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) off the coast of central California. These efforts will aid the Navy in making sound decisions regarding the long­term disposition of seafloor cables.

Man-made Wetland at MCRD San Diego Recycles Wastewater

Summer 2013
Page 50

An Innovative on-site tertiary treatment and recycling of wastewater for tidal wetland-based wastewater treatment system that produces recyclable non-potable water from black water, including gray water. The treated water can be used for sub-terrain irrigation, toilet flushing, industrial wash water, and groundwater recharge.


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