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Environmental Restoration Technology & Programs (EV3)


Restoring and cleaning up Department of the Navy sites under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) law that were contaminated by past operations.



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EV3 - Environmental Restoration Technology & Programs: 

Technology Development:  EV3 develops innovative technologies within the Environmental Restoration Product Line through DoD's Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) and Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP), as well as the Navy's Pollution Abatement Ashore (0817) program. Technologies include such diverse areas as remediation, range scrap, and ecological sustainability. In developing these technologies, we partner with other services, academia and the private sector. We work with state regulators through the Interstate Technology Regulator Council for regulatory acceptance.

Technology Transfer:  We develop technology transfer tools that benefit NAVFAC operations by sharing technology developments, cost-saving strategies, and lessons learned at one Field Engineering Command (FEC) with other FECs. Technology transfer tools are developed after considering end-user interest and input. In addition, we provide technical support through customer liaisons, NAVFAC workgroups, the cost-to-complete program, and the laboratory Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program.

Environmental Contracts: Our Environmental Security Technology Services (ESTS) contract provides access to low-risk contracting for cost effective innovative technologies and methodologies for site remediation. Our Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) program provides FECs with direct access to private sector innovative technologies. In addition, we work on specialized technical and expert support from other government agencies through Memoranda of Agreement/Understanding and Cooperative Agreements.

ESTS Contract Brochure

Public Information under CERCLA:  We maintain the Environmental Restoration web pages on NAVFAC's web site with up-to-date information and links, a one-stop resource for the Navy's Remedial Project Managers, contractors, and the public. We develop the Navy's Remedial Project Manager Newsletter and host seminars and conferences that provide navy commands with a forum for sharing clean-up information.

Combined Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa:   EV3 is supporting the Combined Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa, with a multi-year water resources study; mapping aquifer locations in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya; and working with Army and Seabee drilling teams to develop underground water resources. We are training ministry officials in the countries to continue this work after project completion.


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