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Guidance, Policy, and Regulations

DON Environmental Restoration Program Manual (NERP manual), NAVFAC (August 2006)

The cleanup of contaminated sites is governed by a variety of Federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The Department of Defense and the Department of the Navy issue policy and guidance documents on implementing the laws and regulations. This page provides access to policy and guidance as either documents on this web site or as links to other web sites.

The documents are separated as follows:




DON Environmental Restoration Program Manual (NERP Manual), NAVFAC (February 2018)

DoD Manual 4715.20 Defense Environmental Restoration Program Management (9 March 2012)

OPNAV INST 5090.1D Environmental Readiness Program Policy Guidance, CNO-N45 Letter (10 January 2014) 

Navy Environmental Readiness Program Instruction, CNO OPNAVINST 5090.1  (10 January 2014)

Marine Corps Environmental Compliance and Protection Manual, MCO P5090.2A Ch.3 (26 August 2013)




HISTORICAL  (Superceded by items above under CURRENT)

General Program

Navy Policy - Update to OPNAVINST 5090.1B Change 2 (9 Sep 1999) - Environmental Assessment (EA) Process, CNO letter 5090 Ser N456/1U595362 (11 May, 2001)
(Historical), superdeded by CNO OPNAVINST 5090.1, 10 January 2014)

Administrative Records

Administrative Record Management System (ARMS) User's Guide - Interim Draft Update, NAVFAC ESC UG-XXXX-ENV (December, 2002)
(Historical, superceded by the NAVFAC Guidance ER Program Recordkeeping Manual,  8 September 2009)

Administrative Record Management System (ARMS) User's Guide - Version 1, NAVFAC ESC UG-2024 -ENV (September, 1997)
(Historical, superceded by the NAVFAC Guidance ER Program Recordkeeping Manual,  8 September 2009)

Five Year Review

Navy/Marine Corps Policy for Conducting CERCLA Statutory Five-Year Reviews, CNO letter 5090 Ser N453D/1U595697 dated 29 November, 2001
(Historical, superceded by CNO's Navy/MarineCorpsPolicy 5090 N453 Ser/11U158119, 7 June 2011)


NAVFAC Guidance For Optimizing Remedy Evaluation, Selection, and Design, NAVFAC ESC UG-2060-ENV (April, 2004)
(Historical, superceded by NAVFAC ESC UG-2087-ENV (9 Mar 2010))

CNO (Navy/Marine Corps) Policy for Optimizing Remedial and Removal Actions Under the Environmental Restoration Programs, CNO 5090 N45C/N4U732343 (23 April 2004)
(Historical, superceded by 2 April2012 NAVFAC Policy)

NAVFAC Guidance for Optimizing Remedial Action Operations, NAVFAC Special Report SR-2101-ENV Interim Final (April, 2001)
(Historical, superceded by UG-NAVFAC EXWC-EV-1301, 1 October 2012) )

DON Guidance for Planning and Optimizing Monitoring Strategies, NAVFAC ESC UG-2081-ENV (Aug 2008)
(Historical, Superceded by UG-2081-ENV-rev1, November 2010)


Sediment: Implementation Guide for Assessing and Managing Contaminated Sediment of Navy Facilities, NAVFAC ESC UG-2053-SED rev1 (March, 2003)
(Historical, superceded by NAVFAC ESC UG-2053-SED Rev2, January 2005)

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