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NIRIS/ Information Management

The Department of Navy (DON) maintains a centralized information management system used to support the acquisition of information pertaining to Environmental Restoration (ER). This system is the Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution (NIRIS).



NIRIS - Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution

NIRIS was developed by NAVFAC to manage all of the Navy's Environmental Restoration Program (NERP) technical data (analytical and spatial), documents , and records (including the Administrative Record Files) by using a variety of analytical, management, and visualization tools. The DON is the custodian of this centralized information repository and provides access to those that need to submit content and locate related information. NIRIS is primarily used by Navy remedial project managers (RPMs) and contractors to manage and process large amounts of ER data at a detailed technical level.


NIRIS minimizes duplication of effort and standardizes data and records management over the lifecycle of the ER program.

NIRIS provides access to the following business components:

  • Data Checker -  To submit analytical data with validity checks based on the Naval Environmental Data Deliverable (NEDD) Standard.
  • Environmental Record Search - To search, view, and download Environmental Restoration Data.
  • Analytical Data Query - To search, view, and export environmental sample data.
  • Vapor Intrusion (VI) Evaluation Tool - A decision making tool to assist project managers with managing VI sites.
  • Document Review Tool - To assist project managers with the SAP document review and other digital approval process.  
  • Land Use Control (LUC) Tracker - A tool to manage site LUCs and inspection activity.
  • GRX Viewer - To access NAVFAC Installation and site spatial (GIS) data.



Who Can Access NIRIS?

NIRIS is hosted on a private DoD Web server which is accessible ONLY to government personnel and/or contractors who are tasked with submitting data or providing other regional or installation based services to the Navy’s ER Program. If you fall in one of those two categories,

You can get access to NIRIS by completing these four steps:

       1. Acquire a Department of Defense (DoD) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Software Certificate

       2. Complete DoD Information Assurance Awareness Training

       3. Obtain a NAVFAC Portal Single Sign On (SSO) Account

       4. Request NIRIS Access on the NAVFAC Portal



For more information on NIRIS: email






NIRIS ACCESS Quick Reference Guide

Recordkeeping Manual 


For public access to site-specific information on the Department of the Navy's Environmental Restoration Program, Visit the Environmental Restoration Program Administrative Records Webpage.  






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