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Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution (NIRIS) Workgroup

Workgroup Objectives:

The Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution (NIRIS) (formerly IR/GIS) Work Group was established as an IR Manager's advisory group. The work group coordinated development of a corporate methodology using common business practices for enhancing and facilitating the use of IR data through GIS and web based applications in a consistent and cost effective manner.

The goal was to develop the Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution (NIRIS), a database used by all the FECs and NAVFAC EXWC to manage all IR Program data. NIRIS allows personnel to access, share and evaluate IR data using information management tools, making evaluation and visualization of data easier and more cost effective. No more lugging around seven volume remedial investigations to team meetings, no more losing data due to Navy employee or contractor turnover, and no more receiving unusable electronic data from contractors databases.


The development of NIRIS is broken into five phases. Currently, the work group is developing a standardized, non-proprietary, Spatial Data Standards (SDS) compliant database structure (Phase I and II) that will be compatible with other business line databases. The database structure will not prevent use of any commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or government off-the-shelf (GOTS) systems. This results in more cost-effective business practices. Because all FECs are going to use a standard database structure, tools that are developed for one Environmental IR Program can be used for Environmental IR Programs at other FECs.

What's New:

The deployment of the SDS compliant database is being driven by NMCI. The work group is coordinating with NAVFAC CIO to expedite the deployment. The initial indications are that all data will be housed in two locations (East Coast, West Coast) with Web access.

Future Efforts:

Once the database structure is developed, existing data will be loaded into the database, and the work group will evaluate all data management and analysis tools currently available and make recommendations for standardizing these tools across NAVFAC using best available, cost-effective technologies.

Additional Information:

        Work Group Members:

                The work group includes representatives from NAVFAC HQ, NAVFAC EXWC, and FECs.




Work Group Publications

Topics Title and Description Pages Size (KB)

NAVFACINST 4715.1 Environmental Restoration Program Implementation of the Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution (NIRIS), NAVFAC EV 11 April 2008

NAVFAC policy on the Environmental Restoration program's implementation of NIRIS (NAVFACINST 4715.1, 11 April 2008).

5 251

BRAC Program Management Office Policy for  BRAC Program Implementation of the Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution (NIRIS), 5090 BPMO 08/05 dated 19 May 2008

BRAC Program implementation of the Naval Installation Restoration Information Solution (NIRIS) (19 May 2008).

3 372

NIRIS Access Quick Reference Guide (QRG), NAVFAC February 2016

This guide outlines the steps required to obtain access to NIRIS tools.

2 215






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