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Technology Resources (EV4)


Technology Resources and Assessments (EV4)

We promote and manage the implementation of new and innovative environmental technologies that enable the Navy to achieve environmental compliance faster, better, cheaper, and easier.

EV4 - Technology  Resources and Assessments: 

We develop, execute and manage environmental quality programs at the NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (NAVFAC EXWC) in support of the Navy's environmental goals and initiatives. We promote and manage the implementation of new and innovative environmental quality technologies. These technologies enable the Navy to achieve environmental compliance faster, better, cheaper and easier. Additionally, we provide customer liaison.


We execute and manage environmental quality programs. The majority of our environmental programs consist of engineering support and services. The major technology development programs include the Navy Pollution Abatement Ashore Program (Y0817); the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP); and the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP). Our customers include the Chief of Naval Operations, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Field Engineering Centers (FECs), public works centers (PWCs), and other field activities.


We developed and implemented the Technology Gatekeeper Process for the management of environmental quality technology development programs. This process controls: what technologies to develop; when to transfer the technologies; and how to implement technologies. The objectives are to:

·         Meet the customer's needs and requirements

·         Use resources efficiently

·         Eliminate effort duplication

·         Fast track new technologies to the customer



Early Planning. We coordinate transition and use of new and innovative environmental quality technologies. Our effort begins at the start of our technology development projects. We coordinate with our customer(s) during the proposal preparation phase. Early in the project we identify how customers will use the technology development results, implement funding, acquisition plan, contracting mechanism, and regulator approval requirements.

Technology Implementation Teams. In additional to the Principal Investigators, we form Technology Transfer Teams or Technology Application Teams to ensure that once our technology development efforts are complete that we can transfer and implement the technologies quickly and efficiently. We implement environmental quality technologies developed here and at Navy laboratories.

Technology Implementation Programs. Our Environmental Department has assisted our sponsors in the establishment of several technology implementation programs. For example:

·         CNO Pollution Prevention Equipment Program: This program enables direct implementation of pollution prevention technologies and equipment at Navy mission-funded activities.

·         Remedial Action Contract and Remedial Action Contract for Innovative Technologies: This program allows for rapid implementation of cleanup efforts at Navy sites.

·         Oil Spill Equipment Program: This program is for the procurement of oil spill booms, oil absorbents, etc.


Our Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) is a streamlined and flexible contracting approach. The goal is to identify a wide range of innovative environmental quality technologies and methodologies that are ready for field demonstration. Interested contractors can submit no more than a three page abstract, with up to ten pages of test data attached, describing how the proposed technology or methodology can be valuable to the Navy in cleanup, pollution prevention, compliance and natural resources conservation and sustainability, and climate change mitigation. Click this link to the BAA webpage for more information.


We are the contact for tri-service, multi-agency, and general coordination on environmental quality related topics. If you are not sure who to contact, please call us.


We developed a management information system for monitoring and tracking our projects. We can assist you in data base development, computer security accreditation, financial tracking system, and requirement analysis. You can contact Defense Technical Information Center at (800) CALDTIC (225-3842), for our documents and reports, or call us for information and assistance.



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