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"A clean, healthy environment is essential to supporting the Department of the Navy's primary mission."

CERCLA Phases and Milestones

Provides key resources and tools applicable to each phase and milestone of the CERCLA process.

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Provides key resources and tools applicable to contaminants that may result from past releases via industrial processes at Naval installations.

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Remedial Project Managers (RPMs) seek to efficiently manage their projects and to implement best practices throughout each project phase. These pages summarize important steps to accomplish as part of the cleanup process, along with providing links to policies, guidance, and technical reports for more information.


Provides key resources for the selection, design, and optimization of environmental restoration technologies.

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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment evaluates site-specific chemical concentrations and determines if the risks are significant enough to require further investigation or remedial action.

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A sustained optimization effort is an important element of the remediation approach to ensure efficiency and effectiveness at each site.

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Five-Year Reviews

Five-year reviews evaluate whether the remedies selected for a site are functioning as intended and continue to be protective of human health and the environment.

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Health and Safety

NAVFAC is focused on ensuring a culture of safety in all efforts, following established requirements and procedures.

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Systematic Planning

All projects require systematic planning to obtain data of appropriate quality for the intended purpose.

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Information Management

NAVFAC’s information management systems track progress, manage site-specific data and documents, and forecast project budgets and schedules.

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Acquisition Strategy

A successful acquisition action relies upon early planning, sustained communication, and active collaboration.

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