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Acquisition translates the mandates and requirements of the Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP) into implementation through funding obligations. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Headquarters (HQ) develops the Environmental Business Line Acquisition Strategy (EBLAS) to ensure efficient implementation of the DERP. EBLAS provides acquisition options and flexibility, as well as minimizes exposure to contractual risks.

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The EBLAS focuses on a balanced and diversified contracting approach to meet Command‐wide program requirements.  The strategy aims to increase acquisition options and flexibility, minimize risk exposure, meet political and legislative contracting mandates, improve the program execution, and increase competition by making the best contractual solutions available to meet the full range of the Business Line’s corporate and client needs.

A successful acquisition action relies upon early planning, sustained communication, and active collaboration among the Acquisition Team comprising of the Environmental Business Line (EVBL), the Acquisition Support Line (ACQSL), and the Office of Counsel (OOC), as depicted in the diagram below.


This strategy considers opportunities for consolidating acquisition efforts across the NAVFAC Areas of Responsibility (AORs). The goal of the acquisition strategy is to continually match the type of work to be performed with the most cost-effective and efficient type of contractual vehicles to accomplish the mission. The NAVFAC EBLAS is updated annually and is available to Department of the Navy (DON) personnel from NAVFAC HQ and on the NAVFAC Environmental Opportunities Web page.

The key focus areas of the EBLAS include:

  • Appropriate use and participation of small business;
  • Balanced use of fixed price contracts;
  • Continued focus on performance-based contracts;
  • Appropriate use of multiple award contracts;
  • Management of grants, cooperative agreements, interagency, and intra-Navy acquisitions; and
  • Consolidation of acquisition efforts across Navy AORs.


NAVFAC may also use contractors for internal administrative and engineering support for the DON ERP. This type of contract support is known as a Cooperative Administrative Support Unit (CASU). CASU employees can fill a variety of roles in the DON ERP. At the project level, CASU personnel can serve as environmental engineers and environmental scientists providing technical and management assistance.

For more information, Chapter of the DON Environmental Restoration Program Manual summarizes acquisition considerations for contractor support.




Title and Description

ERP Manual

DON Environmental Restoration Program Manual: Chapter Contractor Support for the Environmental Restoration Program (February 2018)

Provides an overview of the role of NAVFAC’s EBLAS and the overall approach to contractor support.


Environmental Business Line Acquisition Strategy (EBLAS) 2019-2021 (October 2018)

Summarizes NAVFAC’s current strategy to ensure that sufficient contract capacity exists and appropriate mechanisms are available to meet program requirements.

Analytical Services

Department of Defense (DoD) Policy and Guidelines for Acquisitions Involving Environmental Sampling or Testing Services (December 2007)

Provides proper procurement and administrative procedures for environmental sampling and testing contracts.


Title and Description

Acquisition Process

Defense Acquisition Guidebook

Summarizes key information needed to organize, plan, and execute a Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition program.


Title and Description




Defense Acquisition University (DAU): Acquisition Tools and Resources

A series of training and informational tools to support program planning and facilitate effective program management.


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