Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center

EX Logistics

The Logistics Department (EX4) has six specifically identified responsibilities:

     1. Develop and implement a comprehensive product support strategy for the weapon system

     2. Conduct appropriate cost analyses to validate the product support strategy, including cost-benefit analyses as outlined in Office of Management and Budget Circular A-94

     3. Assure achievement of desired product support outcomes through development and implementation of appropriate product support arrangements

     4. Adjust performance requirements and resource allocations across product support integrators and product support providers as necessary to optimize implementation of the product support strategy

     5. Periodically review product support arrangements between the product support integrators and product support providers to ensure the arrangements are consistent with the overall product support strategy

    6. Prior to each change in the product support strategy or every five years, whichever occurs first, revalidate any business-case analysis performed in support of the product support strategy


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