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Seabee 75th Anniversary

Logo and Theme announced for the Seabee 75th Anniversary in 2017 

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From our Artists:

“My inspiration came from a chief who is a Seabee that had so much pride and tradition on being a Seabee and showed me a video of how the Seabees were created and I found that was inspirational in itself.  Throughout my naval career and friendships with Seabees I have the utmost respect for the service they provide to our nation and our allied partners 365 days a year.” 

- Chief Musician Jeremy Bustillos


“Built on history, constructing the future was an idea that just came to me and stuck. It takes cues from the Seabee spirit of building bridges and paving runways or roadways.  I really admire what these Sailors have done over the years and continue to do today.” 

- Master Sgt. John Dibble, Retired



From our Chief:

“Our Seabees are known for their ability to operate in joint environments.  I’m thankful to the winners for their recognition of our proud Seabee history. I am glad to now have them as a part of that rich history.”

- Rear Adm. Bret Muilenburg, commander, NAVFAC


About the Contest:

For 74 years, the Seabees have repeatedly demonstrated their skills as fighters and builders and, while doing so, they have built and fought for freedom both in peace and in war time. The men and women of the Seabees have been engaged globally in support of every combatant command worldwide constructing bases, building airfields, roads, bridges and other support facilities, as well as below the world's oceans and waterways conducting underwater construction.

In December 2015, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) launched the logo and theme contest encouraging active duty, Reserve components, retirees, civilians and everyone else who supports the “Can-Do” attitude of the Seabee Force to enter the contest to show pride for the Seabees.

More than 70 different entries from 15 states and 7 countries, for both the logo and the theme were submitted to NAVFAC. Artists from around the world participated in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pay homage to the rich history and heritage of the Seabees. The logo and theme were selected by a diverse panel representing the Navy, NAVAC, and the Naval Construction Force.

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The Navy Seabees 75th Anniversary logo is a trademark of the United States Navy.  Permission for use in commercial retail and advertising is required.

Anyone that wishes to use an officially licensed vendor for commercial purposes, including reproduction on merchandise, may do so without a One-Time Use Agreement.  These vendors are: Zazzle, Cafè Press, and Eagle Crest.

Anyone that wishes to use the logo to promote the anniversary and for display purposes, to include handouts, pop-up displays, and banners, may do so without a One-Time Use Agreement.  The logo must not be used in any co-branding displays with non-federal entities.

Anyone that wishes to use a non-licensed vendor for commercial purposes, including reproduction on merchandise, is expressly prohibited unless the producer completes and submits a One-Time Use Agreement, found below, to for approval.  Use is governed by the terms of the agreement.

No individual, association, partnership, or corporation shall falsely advertise, or otherwise represent falsely by any device whatsoever, that any project or business in which he or it is engaged, or product which he or it manufactures, deals in, or sells, has been in any way endorsed, authorized, or approved by the Navy.

Official Navy logos are governed by the Navy Trademark Licensing Office.  To contact the Navy Trademark Licensing Office, please visit  


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