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P-307 Questions and Interpretations

Section # P-307 Reference Topic Reference #
1 Para 1.3 Work Boat Lift and Storage Unit 99-020
2 Para. 2.3 Troubleshooting Crane Problems 99-008
3 Para. 3.2 Designation of Test Director and Condition Inspectors 99-065
3 Para. Certification Requirements for Replacement of Microprocessor Controlled Hoist Drives 11-032
Para. 4.7.1  Test Load Tolerance Deviation for Weight Handling Equipment That Must Meet NAVSEA Lifting Standard  16-032 
7 Para. 7.4.1 Licensing 04-071
10 Para. Written Procedures for Complex Lifts None
11  Section 11  Applicability of paragraph 11.4 to Base Operating Service (BOS) subcontracted cranes and services  18-014 
12 Para. 12.2.1 Component Failures as Accidents None
14 Section 14 ESCO 1/2” Sleeve Down Rating (CSA 178A) 10-023
Other No Reference in
Certifying Cranes Aboard De-Commissioned Floating Drydocks 99-116

Appendix D

item 21a 

To clarify testing requirements to meet the NAVFAC P-307 Appendix D item 21a crane grounding verification. 19-001 


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