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Instructor-Led Training (ILT)


Pre-Scheduled/Quota-Based, Open Enrollment


Due to the popularity of web-based training and the absence of any requests, NAVFAC P-307 ILT courses are no longer pre-scheduled.


Activity Site Specific, Closed Enrollment


Activities may request ILT events at their site. Activities will provide funding and a proper classroom environment to conduct requested training. A high speed internet connection is required. Activities should plan to allow trainees to remain in class, uninterrupted, until the class is complete. To request on-site training CLICK HERE.





All courses are available via the internet at Navy eLearning (NeL) at Instructor-led training is an acceptable alternative to web-based training and shall be provided by Navy Crane Center authorized instructors using Navy Crane Center authorized materials. With training readily available online, at no cost, and with minimal interruption to production schedules, it may be challenging to justify the expense of ILT.


NAVFAC P-307 courses provide basic, fundamental trade related information for the safe operation, rigging, maintenance, inspection, testing, and certification of WHE at Navy shore activities, as well as oversight of contractor WHE operations. These courses do not provide hands-on training nor qualify personnel to perform a specific function or task. By design, these courses reinforce and enhance existing knowledge for journeymen level personnel and provide a base upon which to develop less-experienced personnel through on-the-job training and mentoring. It is, therefore, incumbent on the activity to provide additional training and evaluation to further develop and assess the proficiency of less-experienced personnel to safely and competently perform weight handling tasks and functions.


Additional training (e.g., hands-on) to enhance specific skills is encouraged. Such training may be available from naval shipyards, other naval activities, and commercial training sources. Supplemental courses may be required to qualify personnel to perform unique critical job skills at an activity. Activities are responsible to ensure such supplemental training requirements are met.


Safety is a key concern in the weight handling business. The goal of performing all weight handling tasks in a safe and responsible manner, with zero accidents and injuries, should be the vanguard of all weight handling personnel and programs. To support this goal, organizations shall ensure the selection of competent, knowledgeable personnel for WHE training billet nominations and subsequent WHE duties by employing Operations Risk Management principles in these, and all, weight handling decisions.



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