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Navy-GSA Streamline Heavy Equipment Rental Program

02/15/13 12:00 AM

Contact: Sue Brink
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By Sue Brink, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast Public Affairs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (NNS) - Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southeast Base Support Vehicles and Equipment (BSVE) Product Line declared success Feb. 5 working with General Services Administration (GSA) in a joint venture to streamline the short term rental process for Navy heavy equipment in the Southeast.

Public Works Departments, along with other government agencies, now has access to various types of heavy duty Civil Engineering Support Equipment on a short term basis (up to 365 days) through the GSA Heavy Equipment Short Term Rental (STR) Program. Types of equipment in the program include, but are not limited to bulldozers, back-hoes, generators, loaders, and man-lifts.

"This new tool will definitely help the Navy and will lead to significant cost reductions in operations by allowing us to reduce our pool of equipment," said Jeff Killian, NAVFAC Southeast Public Works Business Line coordinator. "Emergencies come up in our business and this will provide a means to quickly resolve equipment needs."

This acquisition strategy is now available by the implementation of a GSA negotiated, multi-vendor/multi region product delivery contract.

"Historically we have on occasion rented heavy equipment, but the process and payment was somewhat difficult to enable full time usage," said Ryan Costa, NAVFAC Southeast transportation specialist. "With this program the process is web based and we make payment through our already established GSA billing cycle."

In 2010, the BSVE team reached out to GSA to collaborate a new initiative to reduce underutilized equipment. The team was aware of the already resounding success of the GSA STR program for light duty vehicles and wanted to look at what could be done for the CESE program.

"The new contract provides a means for competitive and low cost equipment rentals from multiple vendors," said Costa. "Utilizing this program will provide multiple cost saving benefits to the Navy and other agencies throughout the government."

With more equipment available on an interim basis through this program, the Navy can look at reducing the inventory of heavy equipment that it owns.

"Reductions of agency owned assets will dramatically reduce ownership and operational costs such as maintenance, labor and procurement cost," said Costa. "The GSA Heavy Equipment STR program will help us meet our strategic goal of reducing our direct and indirect costs."

The savings will be realized through not having to procure equipment and also bear the cost of maintenance. As the various sites throughout the southeast start utilizing the new program, they will review existing equipment inventories to determine at what point in time the inventory can be purged based on the new rental data.

"We need to continue to think outside the box and manufacture business strategies like this to mitigate costs - always being mindful of the taxpayers' dollars."

The new program allows flexibility during contingency events by lessening the need for contingency contracting and enabling access to available equipment on a national scale.

NAVFAC Southeast was the exclusive government agency during the program's "pilot" inception period during the middle of fiscal year 2012 and had realization of programmatic success shortly after.

"The accessibility of this program is currently available at all stateside locations within the Navy's Southeast region," said Costa.

BSVE continues to partner with GSA during this evolution and looks forward to the success of the program as GSA plans to phase the program's availability to all government agencies this year.


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