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Annual Water Reports Accessible to Navy Consumers in Hawaii

06/22/13 12:00 AM

By Denise Emsley, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Hawaii

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii (NNS) -- Distribution of the Navy's 2013 Water Quality Reports for Navy, Air Force, Department of Defense (DoD# and some non-DoD customers in Hawaii will begin June 24.

As a provider of drinking water in Hawaii, Naval Facilities Engineering Command #NAVFAC# Hawaii is required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency #EPA# to report test results on water that has been delivered over the past year. These Annual Water Quality Reports, also called the Consumer Confidence Reports #CCRs#, provide data on the quality of drinking water provided to Navy water consumers by including information on the sources of water, health effects, compliance status, and other related statistics. They also contain tables listing all contaminants detected in the water at levels above the EPA's prescribed minimum detection limits.

"Safe drinking water is a mission-critical responsibility of NAVFAC Hawaii, which we take very seriously," said Aaron Poentis, Environmental Business Line Director. "The sample collection and testing are done by trained and certified experts following strict prescribed processes. Results are provided to State regulators where they are carefully reviewed and analyzed. The water provided by the NAVFAC Hawaii treatment and distribution system is from ground water sources similar to that of the City's Board of Water Supply, and is chlorinated and fluoridated in accordance with Navy policy.

NAVFAC Hawaii owns and operates six water systems: Barbers Point #Kalaeloa#, Camp Stover, Naval Magazine #NAVMAG# Lualualei, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific #NCTMAS PAC# Wahiawa, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam #JBPHH#, and Pacific Missile Range Facility #PMRF# Kauai. Annual reports are developed for each system, with the exception of NAVMAG Lualualei, which does not require a report due to the limited amount of customers.

"A significant amount of resources is allocated to ensure that the water treatment and distribution systems operate properly and efficiently to provide the safest water to all of our customers and users," said Poentis. "The CCR is a report to you to show that the water is completely safe to drink."

Each year, NAVFAC Hawaii mails or hand-delivers the appropriate hard copy Water Quality Report to each our customer who received water from the command. Customers and commands are asked to post these reports in highly-visible or high-traffic areas so that water users may see them.

In addition, all reports are electronically available via NAVFAC Hawaii's public website. The new 2013 versions will be posted by July 1.

For military housing residents, distribution of hard copy Water Quality Reports is handled through various housing management offices.

* JBPHH Water System - Most Navy housing residents near Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam should contact Forest City's Residential Management office at the Aloha Center #Moanalua Shopping Center - 4825 Bougainville Street, Suite 100#.

* JBPHH Water System - Air Force housing residents on JBPHH Hickam-side may contact Hickam Communities #211 Mercury Street#.

* JBPHH Water System - Iroquois Point housing residents may contact Iroquois Point Island Club #5105 Iroquois Avenue#.

* Camp Stover and NCTAMS PAC Water Systems - Housing residents should contact Forest City's Pearl City office #557 Lehua Avenue#.

* Barbers Point Water System - Housing residents should contact their housing office, Kalaeloa Homes #4285 Independence Road#.

* PMRF Kauai Water System - Reports for this system will be distributed by the NAVFAC Hawaii Public Works Department at Barking Sands.

Hard copies of all Water Quality Report brochures may also be obtained from NAVFAC Hawaii's Public Affairs Office by calling 471-7300 or the command's Environmental Compliance Office at 471-1171 Ext. 203.

Electronic copies of all five brochures are also posted on NAVFAC Hawaii's public website. Go to Select "Organization" at top of homepage, "NAVFAC Pacific," "NAVFAC Hawaii," "News" tab. To get there quickly, go to

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