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NAVFAC Hawaii Safety Star of the Year Recipient

05/08/14 12:00 AM

PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM, Hawaii (April 29, 2014) Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Hawaii gathered employees together at an annual awards ceremony April 29 to acknowledge its 2013 Safety Star Individual Excellence and Work Centers of the Year awardees. These awards recognize the command’s top safety performers by who have clearly made safety a priority. Commanding Officer Capt. Michael Williamson presents the 2013 Safety Star Individual Excellence Award to Steven Yoshida. L-R: Capt. Michael Williamson, Steven Yoshida and Emric Katada. Photo by Denise Emsley, NAVFAC Hawaii.

By Denise Emsley, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Hawaii

PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM (NNS) -- Steven Yoshida, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Hawaii's Utilities and Energy Management System Operation Section Supervisor received the command's annual Safety Star Individual Excellence Award April 29 at an Employee of the Year ceremony.

"This award recognizes our top safety individual for their work in 2013 who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to safety in the workplace and is recognized as a true role model for safety," said NAVFAC Hawaii Safety Director Emric Katada. "Steven has clearly made safety a priority in a consistent manner that can be seen by his coworkers and subordinates on a daily basis. He is considered by his peers to be a true professional, a technical expert in the field of high voltage with high integrity and an attention to detail."

Yoshida, a resident of Aiea, Hawaii, is a supervisor in the command's Utilities Electrical distribution and Facilities Ships services branches on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Aside from his many duties that help to ensure clean and stable power to our many customers, he also has the arduous task of overseeing the ship-to-shore services branch and is the high-voltage lead in the NAVFAC Hawaii electrical safe program.

Despite his high-level of constant multitasking, he leads by example in all that he does. In addition, he takes time to help all interested in developing new and improved safety processes which ultimately benefit everyone, not only his own work center.

"I have witnessed mishaps that have been devastating to the individuals involved and have seen what can happen," said Yoshida. "I try to do whatever I can to make sure no one else has this experience or is a part of what I have been through."

While wearing multiple hats, Yoshida keeps safety front and center in every aspect in his areas of responsibilities, to include dozens of other outlying locations. His commitment to safety pier-side is evident by his constant support of the NAVFAC Hawaii Safety Office and our customers to keep pier-side utilities organized and well executed. He participates in the critical mission of keeping navy ships and sailors fit to fight, yet safe at the same time, all the while dealing with budget cuts and outdated infrastructures.

Due to the recent departure of the NAVFAC Hawaii safety program coordinator, Yoshida has helped to ensure the command's safety program remains at its current level. He is constantly supportive of all requests to train people on electrical safety and any technical requests that come his way.

"I truly believe the slogan, 'Know Safety, No Pain,' and always keep it in mind," said Yoshida. "It is what I tell my workers to remind them to be careful at all times.

Above all else, Yoshida makes safety number one in his life, 24/7. He demonstrates this through his dedication and sincere sense of caring for the well-being of all employees working at NAVFAC Hawaii and its customers.


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