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NAVFAC Proud of 174-Year Engineering Heritage

08/31/16 12:00 AM

By Don Rochon, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) marked 174 years of providing facilities engineering expertise to support the mission readiness of Navy and Marine Corps commanders, Aug. 31.

In 1842, Secretary of the Navy Abel P. Upshur officially established NAVFAC's predecessor, the Bureau of Naval Yards and Docks (BuDocs) to execute the design, construction and maintenance of Navy yards and a few other shore stations around the eastern seaboard of the United States. Eventually BuDocs and its responsibilities would grow into the global enterprise known as NAVFAC, which was officially established May 1966.

"We are very proud of our heritage, and NAVFAC continues to maintain a strong reputation for mission accomplishment," said NAVFAC Commander and Chief of Civil Engineers Rear Adm. Bret Muilenburg. "Just as our predecessors contributed to mission readiness, we remain ready and committed to provide critical facilities services and expeditionary support to Navy, Marine Corps and combatant commanders in defense of our nation."

With 13 major commands located in the United States, Europe and Japan, NAVFAC's support is visible on practically every Navy and Marine Corps installation around the globe. Nearly every pier, runway, road, utility plant, gymnasium, barracks, child development center, or other shore facility has been constructed or acquired by NAVFAC.

Two NAVFAC commands are Navy specialty centers. The Navy Crane Center, based at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, leads the Navy's shore-based weight-handling program worldwide, and the Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center in Port Hueneme, California supports combatant capabilities through specialized engineering and technology development.

NAVFAC delivered more than $15 billion of construction and facility services to the Navy, Marine Corps, and other military services and federal agencies last year, ranging from high-profile construction projects to daily preventive maintenance. NAVFAC's 21,000 employees keep the lights on, the water safe to drink, and facilities maintained at all Navy and Marine Corps installations around the world.

Throughout its history, NAVFAC has provided management and leadership of Navy public works. As the Navy's public works officers, the Civil Engineer Corps leads Navy and Marine Corps public works departments (PWD) in providing comprehensive shore installation facility engineering, acquisition, environmental, and transportation services.

In fact, last year NAVFAC PWDs helped keep naval facilities and infrastructure around the world well-maintained and managed, as more than 533,000 service calls and 63,000 emergency calls were recorded and completed.

NAVFAC has a proud history of delivering exceptional products and services for supported commands since 1842. Building on 174 years of experience, the command continues to manage the planning, design, construction, contingency engineering, real estate, environmental and public works support for U.S. naval shore facilities all over the world.

Read about the establishment of BuDocs and the Navy's first Civil Engineer Corps officer on Seabee Online at


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