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NAVFAC Atlantic Announces Top Teams For 2016

04/21/17 12:00 AM

By JC Kreidel, Deputy Public Affairs Officer, NAVFAC Atlantic

NORFOLK (NNS) -- Two teams were honored April 11 as winners of the 2016 Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Atlantic team awards.

Process Improvement Team of the Year: Readiness & Dashboard Team

The PREP and PWD Dashboard Team executed exceptional work on the development of the Public Works Department (PWD) Readiness Evaluation Program (PREP) and the PWD Dashboard to drive process improvements through high velocity learning.

Through the identification of gaps and seams, these Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) worked to develop comprehensive checklists and identify existing or develop new corporate metrics to evaluate performance of critical processes within their respective business and service lines. Integrating their respective program elements, the team shaped common templates to provide leadership visibility for strategic and resourcing decisions and deliver a high-velocity learning platform for use at both the strategic and tactical levels.

Drawing from existing corporate metrics as well as developing new assessments, the team compiled the most relevant and meaningful measures of productivity for inclusion in the Dashboard to provide PWDs a tool for quick reference and analysis of PWD performance. PREP evaluations take an in depth look to identify long-term trends and opportunities for process improvement. When used in conjunction with each other, PREP and the Dashboard provide senior leaders the ability to assess PWD effectiveness based on consistent valued metrics.

Despite significant individual responsibilities, each of these professionals held throughout the course of this project, they maintained an aggressive timeline to bring the PWD Dashboard online by Oct. 15, 2016, and ready the PREP for implementation by Jan. 1, 2017.

The Team remains continuously engaged in refining these tools for broader NAVFAC usage in FY18.

This process improvement team is made up of Don Neuens, Supervisory Information Technology Specialist (Team Lead); Kathryn Hourigan, Community Planner; Diane Lecroy, Supervisory Contract Specialist; Cynthia De Jong, Architect; Angel Ho, Supervisory General Engineer; Tiffany Wilkerson, Physical Scientist; Russ Cooper, Supervisory General Engineer; and Bill Garrett, Safety and Occupational Health Manager.

Product and Service Team of the Year: Vieques Environmental Restoration Team.

The Vieques Environmental Restoration Team faces unique challenges such as unexploded ordnance (and associated contaminants) across thousands of acres of land and sea floor in Puerto Rico, abundant ecologically and culturally sensitive resources, and the often-disparate objectives of numerous stakeholders, including the local community, education and scientific organizations, and various advocacy groups. In 2016, the Vieques Team won the CNO Environmental Restoration Team award, the SECNAV Environmental Restoration Team award and the DOD Environmental Restoration Team award.

With input from the local community, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board (PREQB), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), the Navy identified priority areas on both the land and offshore for accelerated cleanup to fast-track public access or other planned use. In addition to measures to accelerate land use, the Navy, in partnership with the other stakeholder agencies, has implemented innovative strategies that have reduced explosive hazards as well as the environmental footprint and cost of cleanup.

Recent accomplishments that demonstrate the innovative approaches characteristic of the Vieques Environmental Restoration Team include Public Beach (Playa La Chiva); Historic Spanish Lighthouse; Former Open Burn/Open Detonation Site; Range Wide; Landfill.

By far the most costly aspect of the Vieques Environmental Restoration Program is munitions cleanup, estimated to be well over $100M when completed. These munitions also pose the highest level of risk to workers performing the cleanup, USFWS personnel performing land management, and to the public utilizing the lands. Therefore, identifying and implementing groundbreaking technologies to reduce both risk and cost is fundamental to the program. Key technologies utilized this year will save tens of millions in cleanup costs.

This product and service team is made up of Dan Waddill, Supervisory Environmental Engineer (Team Lead); Daniel Hood, Environmental Engineer; Kevin Cloe, Environmental Engineer; Mike Green; and Madeline Rivera, Environmental Engineer.


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