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EXWC Opens Their Doors to Families and Friends

07/10/18 12:00 AM

By Arianna(Ari) Arias, NAVFAC EXWC Expeditionary Department

PORT HUENEME, Calif. (NNS) -- Port Hueneme's Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC) gave employees the opportunity to bring their families to work and engage with all the departments during an open house event, June 28, 2018.

Cody Reese, Engineering and Expeditionary Division Manager at NAVFAC EXWC, greeted curious guests and showed 3-D printers in action. This event allowed Reese to present his department's projects and objectives to eager audiences.

"Seeing where Mom and Dad go to work every day allows children to get a sense of their [parent's] accomplishments," explained Reese. "It serves as positive reinforcement for people to bring their families here and show them their work."

NAVFAC EXWC allowed employees to bring their families on base and explore different engineering facilities. Environmental, Expeditionary, Public Works, Ocean Facilities, and Navy Divers showcased their department's capabilities through a variety of demonstrations and exhibits.

The Open House was a success, with a positive turnout of around 400 guests who toured the facilities. The event also captured the interest of employees who want to learn more about engineering projects.

"It is important to learn what other departments do," said Carolann Wolfgang, the Lead for Continuous Process and Improvement (CPI), as she observed the Environmental Department presentation focusing on information about tracking whales and analyzing sonar effects on these animals.

The Environmental Department used audience participation to highlight the effects of sonar on whales. Attendees used a toy Nerf gun to tag a whale fin photo with a suction cup that contains transmitters.

"Trying to tag the whale fin with the [foam] gun... was my favorite part," stated Wolfgang. "It gives you an idea of how difficult it is to actually do that."

Engineering interns who visited the department booths were able to see options for future employment.

"The 3-D printing was the best part." said Andres Coronel, a Public Works Department engineering intern who attends the University of Southern California. "Interactive events like these reveal opportunities and demonstrate innovative projects that could impact the future. The open house educated the public through the sharing and communication of pioneering technology."

"There are benefits from technology awareness, educational awareness, and future career path awareness," said Reese. "I lost track of how many people said, 'Wow, you did that! I never knew that existed. That was really cool.'"

NAVFAC EXWC is a command of more than 1,100 dedicated federal employees, contractors, and military personnel who provide specialized facilities engineering, technology solutions, and life-cycle management of expeditionary equipment to the Navy, Marine Corps, federal agencies, and other Department of Defense supported commands.


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