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Former NAVFAC Far East Employee Takes Top Honors in Defense Acquisition Award

11/12/20 12:12 PM

 Kimberly Granville, named 2020 Defense Acquisition Workforce Awards Program Mgr of the year

YOKOSUKA, Japan— Kimberly Granville, formerly the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Far East Facility Support Contracts Product Line director, was recently named the 2020 Defense Acquisition Workforce Awards Program Manager of the Year in the in the Facilities Engineering category.

These prestigious awards recognize individuals, teams, and organizations that demonstrated outstanding achievements and best practices in Department of Defense acquisition, according to the announcement.

Granville worked for NAVFAC Far East in Yokosuka, Japan, where she was nominated for the award before transferring to NAVFAC Headquarters in Washington, D. C. earlier this summer.

Granville was responsible for specification writing, acquisition planning, and performance assessment for all service contracts at across 10 field offices in four countries. As the director of the entire product line, she was also responsible for the community management, budget development, and technical training for these personnel.

“The importance of service contracting cannot be understated in the successful execution of the Navy's mission,” said Stephen McKay, NAVFAC Far East Public Works Business Line director. “Facility Support Contracts execute a wide range of functions that we don't have the capability to execute with in-house forces, from janitorial and grounds keeping to utility and facility maintenance. These contracts range from very simple, small contracts to large multi-million dollar per year contracts. Without service contracting, key services at every single installation within the Far East AOR would be impacted.”

Though Granville’s name is on the award, she attributed the success to the strength of her team and what they were able to accomplish together.

“This award really means a great deal because it shows that despite barriers, pushback and unpopular decisions, our team was able to work together to get the job done,” said Granville, whose program scope was approximately $150 million annually spread over 250 contracts. “This isn't really just my award, this is a Far East PW2 (Granville’s team name) award.”

McKay lauded her efforts for not just the volume, but the precision by which Granville executed the contracts, citing how incredibly complicated they are and the amount of technical knowledge, time, and acquisition planning is needed to successfully execute them.

“Kim's efforts have led to us having a better developed contractor pool and have allowed us to adapt our processes and specifications to better attract quality bidders,” McKay said while pointing out that the overseas environment adds additional complications to the process. “Innovation and partnering have been cornerstones of NAVFAC Far East's service contracting program.”

Though Granville is no longer a NAVFAC Far East employee, she remains with the NAVFAC family in Washington D.C. and the impacts of her work are still present, according to McKay.

“Through her adept management, she has responded to the constantly evolving needs of the warfighter,” he said. “Her program is incredibly important, and she handles the complexities with her great technical and leadership skills. She is very deserving of recognition for her contributions within the Acquisition community, and her program should be used as an example of what the Navy can achieve with determination, teamwork, and a willingness to do something different.”

NAVFAC Far East provides products and services at Naval Installations and Facility Engineering and Acquisition Divisions (FEADs) at Marine Corps installations located in Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Diego Garcia through our Public Works Departments, which provide facilities maintenance, construction, utilities, transportation, environmental, and service contracting support.

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