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The Asset Management (AM) business line staff routinely interacts with other NAVFAC business lines, support lines, and organizations in the following primary ways:

  • Capital Improvements (CI) - AM produces specific project planning documents (DD-1391's) which become input into the Capital Improvements business line workload.   AM collaborates with CI during the review/validation of the 1391's.  AM coordinates with CI on Criteria and Standards (Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment; (SDSFIE) and integration of CADD and geospatial data (e.g., floor plans for space planning).
  • Environmental (EV) - AM plans must consider natural and cultural resources issues (to ensure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and the Sikes Act) and encroachment and range planning support. AM collaborates with EV on range planning in support of the Theater Assessment Program.
  • Public Works (PW) - AM collaborates with PW on facility condition data (Facility Condition Assessment Program, input into shore facilities planning system, and planning for recapitalization projects), and on other aspects of the Regional and Installation Facility Management Offices efforts. 
  • Contingency Engineering - AM supports CE with contingency related planning efforts, including planning and Civil Engineer Support Plan development for mobilization exercises, joint force requirements (such as expeditionary master planning for forward operating sites and force bed down), and disaster recovery.  AM supports CE reach-back with geo-spatial information generation, distribution, and analysis.
  • Financial Management (FM) - AM performs program management in compliance with FM requirements.
  • Acquisition (AQ) - AQ supports AM with the business line acquisition plan, and in executing specific acquisition actions.
  • Human Resources (HR) - HR provides support for AM personnel.
  • Community Management (CM) - CM guides AM efforts in community management, with emphasis on the Planning Community.

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