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This site is for individuals and corporations seeking to obtain a permit to land civilian aircraft at Navy and Marine Corps air stations and facilities. When necessary and appropriate, permission to land at one or more of these installations is available through a Civil Aircraft Landing Permit (CALP) -- a permit issued pursuant to direction from the Secretary of the Navy. The Real Estate Services Business Line of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) administers this program on behalf of the Navy.

Additional information can be found by selecting the Getting Started, Frequently Asked Questions, and Contact Information tabs.  Blank forms can be downloaded from the Getting Started tab. To download a form, right-click the link and select "Save Target As" from the popup menu.

Official Government Regulation: 32 CFR 766 "Use of Department of the Navy aviation facilities by other than United States Department of Defense Aircraft" This regulation applies to civil aircraft use of Department of the Navy (DoN) land based air facilities. Civil aircraft include domestic or foreign aircraft operated by individuals or corporations, foreign government owned aircraft operated for commercial purposes, aircraft operated under contract to a government agency, aircraft that are leased from the United States Government but able to be used for non-government purposes, all commercial aviation and all general aviation. A CALP is a permit to use specified DoN air stations and facilities for a specified, authorized purpose. To use these facilities, the applicant must have a permit based on a bona fide, approved purpose, adequate insurance and an executed Hold Harmless agreement.

Generally, users that may be approved include: a contractor fulfilling terms of a U. S. government a contract, a contractor demonstrating aircraft pursuant to a U. S. government contract, personnel on official orders (active duty U.S. military, reserve U.S. military and U. S. government civilians), air show participants at the invitation of the installation, Civil Air Patrol members on official business, Military Flying Club (U.S. Navy, Marine Corps,  Army, or Air Force) members, and scheduled air carriers needing a weather alternate in flight.

Individual installation commanding officers may approve permits for the above uses on their own installations. However, users requiring access to more than one installation must apply to NAVFAC Headquarters, who acts on behalf of the Chief of Naval Operations for all permit review and approval.

*PLEASE NOTE: All CALPS are processed during the workweek. Applications received after 1500 on Friday will not be reviewed until the following Monday. 


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