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All planning criteria guidance in the UFC 2-000-05N "Facility Planning Criteria for Navy and Marine Corps Shore Installations", formerly known as the NAVFAC P80, has been relocated to the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) site in an effort to better align with the other DoD tri-service and service specific UFC and FC documents.  Relocation of the UFC-2-000-05N also affords a single repository for these planning criteria documents and ensures that users will have access to the most current versions of the various sections within it, regardless of whether it is accessed from the NAVFAC Criteria Management portal page or this NAVFAC Criteria Management public web page.  Below is the link to the UFC 2-000-05N:

UFC 2-000-05N

In addition, all criteria inquiries and criteria change requests (CCRs) should be submitted using the WBDG web site as well by clicking on the link below and completing the UFC 2-000-05N CCR submittal form.  Once completed, the information is automatically sent to the criteria management staff for action.  Below is the link to the WBDG CCR submittal form:

WBDG CCR Submittal Form

Users who find alternative links to older versions of this UFC document, or the old P80 document, are asked to submit these findings via a Criteria Change Request (CCR) submittal process as well so that the Criteria Management staff can remove these outdated references.  Thank you for your continued support.

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