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NAVFAC SVA is responsible for the execution and oversight of the Department of the Navy’s (DoN) Public Private Venture (PPV) program.  The DoN selects highly qualified business partners to construct, renovate, own, maintain, operate and professionally manage housing for military service members and their families.  Through the PPV program the DoN establishes long term business relationships with outside business entities and creates a limited liability company (LLC) or limited partnership (LP).  The DoN leases and conveys existing housing assets to the LLC or LP.  The LLC or LP develops and manages the property as a private housing community intended for military service members and their families.


To date the DoN has privatized 42 family housing project phases with an end state of approximately 62,000 units, as well as 2 bachelor housing projects with an end-state of approximately 6,000 units.  Not only did the PPV program eliminate the DoN's portion of inadequate homes, it executed approximately $9.8 billion in initial development of family housing for a cash investment of $1.5 billion (6.5: 1 leverage) and, for bachelor housing, executed almost $600 million in initial development for a cash investment of almost $80 million (7.5 : 1 leverage).


SVA maintains a portfolio and asset management process to monitor the status of each project and assess trends, risks and opportunities across the privatized portfolio to protect the DoN investment and ensure the intent of the investments is realized.  Major supported commands include the Commander, Navy Installations Command and its regions and installations and the Marine Corps Installations Command; and their regions and installations.


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