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Top Ten Reasons why Navy Real Estate is Important to the Navy and Marine Corps


Top 10 Reasons Why NAVFAC Real Estate is Important to the

Navy and Marine Corps:

1. Real Estate Contracting Authority - The Secretary of the Navy has delegated to NAVFAC the authority to execute real property transactions involving Navy real estate (SECNAVINST 11011.47B). This authority is unique from traditional contracting authorities and establishes NAVFAC Asset Management as the real estate professionals for the Navy.

2. Valuable Knowledge and Expertise in Real Estate - The Real Estate Community

is a diverse group of professionals who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the real estate field. We are professionals who provide services to our Navy and Marine Corps clients including information, consultation, and solutions on a wide range of real estate issues.

3. Innovative Solutions - The Real Estate Product Line is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet clients' requirements. We stay abreast and take advantage of new legislative authorities that offer new and innovative opportunities to deliver quality products more quickly and at less cost. Examples include: Public Private Venture (PPV), Encroachment Partnering (EP), and Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL).

4. Cradle-to-Grave Capability - Real Estate products and services provide cradle-to- grave service for the entire life-cycle of property held by the Navy. We acquire, manage, and dispose of real estate. From purchasing new property, to managing existing use-agreements, to disposing of excess facilities, our products and services address the responsibilities of owning and using real estate.

5. Enhanced Quality of Life - Real Estate products and services enhance the quality of life of sailors and marines and their families by providing quality places to live and work, with access to personal and commercial services on base. We help provide these benefits by negotiating agreements, such as leases and licenses, with providers of services desired by installation commanders.

6. Stewards of Property Value - Certified appraisers, skilled realty specialists, and professional Real Estate Contracting Officers maximize and safeguard the Navy's real estate assets. Whether acquiring new property, allowing others to use existing property, or disposing of property no longer needed, NAVFAC real estate professionals negotiate real estate transactions that are sound and responsible.

7. Custodian of Property Records - As the official record keeper for all Navy and Marine Corps real property, NAVFAC Cadastral personnel including cartographers and surveyors, maintain the documents that explain what, where, and how the Navy owns property. These documents include: acquisition, operational, and disposal files; real estate summary maps; and legislative jurisdictions (state, Federal, or concurrent law enforcement authority) at installations.

8. Insure Compliance - Real estate transactions are often complex and highly regulated. We ensure that Navy real estate projects are executed in accordance with applicable law, Navy regulations, and NAVFAC policy.

9. Reduce Risk - The real estate agreements that we negotiate with non-Navy users of base property protect the Navy and reduce the liability associated with the public use of military facilities. Non-Navy users utilize Navy property under documented agreements that specify the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

10. We Support the Very Foundation of the Navy Shore Establishment - Real Estate products and services focus on the heart of the Navy Shore Establishment - land and facilities. Underneath all the Navy does ashore is land. This land, and the facilities built upon it, are important assets to the Navy and Marine Corps. Our products and services directly support our sailors and marines and provide them and their families with places to work, live, and play.


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