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Engineering Reach-back

NAVFAC Contingency Engineering has an extensive engineering reach-back capability. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, NAVFAC Atlantic provided reach-back engineering support on damaged bridge columns to Seabees in the Arabian Gulf (pictured above). The columns had been strapped with explosives that tore the outer layer of concrete. NAVFAC’s engineering solution involved wrapping the columns in a cylindrical steel jacket – manufactured locally under contract – and then applying pressure grout until solid. This technique was further adapted by Seabees on the ground to similar situations with great success.

Contingency Contracting

NAVFAC Contingency Engineering has numerous contingency contracting vehicles which are utilized during natural and manmade disasters, in austere and remote locations, when there is significant uncertainty as to scope, schedule and time. Most significant of these contracts are the Global Contingency Construction (GCC) contract administered by NAVFAC Atlantic and the Global Contingency Services Contract (GCSC) administered by NAVFAC Pacific. NAVFAC Pacific used the GCSC vehicle to bridge the gap between a U.S. Army contract and a Philippines Operations Support (POS) contract awarded for $164 million. The contract provided full logistic support, including camp operations and maintenance, as well as air and port operations



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