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The Design and Construction Agents have the responsibility for administering and managing all aspects of construction in accordance with the final plans and specifications. The Using Military Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with medical functional standards and requirements during construction, for providing assistance and liaison between the medical community and the Design and Construction Agent, and for providing continuity from planning and design through beneficial occupancy for each project. 



Shaw Medical Clinic Replacement 



All design elements, including functional, architectural, electrical, energy, fire protection, mechanical, structural, and other features, shall be coordinated. The objective is to achieve a building of optimum functionality, appearance, maintainability, flexibility, and adaptability. Attention must be given to structure, utility systems, and equipment. All design disciplines shall be involved throughout the project to minimize interference with the facility mission and at the same time ensure high-quality utility services. Envelope space requirements must be carefully considered and coordinated to assure proper installation and maintainability of primary and distribution equipment. Utility system space planning must occur simultaneously with overall site and facility planning 

Sketch by HKS, Architects

Sketch by HKS, Architects 


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