Reference Material

UPH & Ammunition Storage Program Comment
Program Comment: DOD Nation Wide Ammunition Storage Facilities
Program Comment: DOD Unaccompanied Personnel Housing
Summary Report of Archival Research: Ammo Storage and UPH
DON Ammunition Storage Facilities and Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Inventories


WWII PMOA: Mitigation is Satisfied
Interim Report, December, 1991

Capehart Wherry Program

Program Comment: DON & AF Capehart & Wherry Era Family Housing
Neighborhood Design Guidelines for Department of the Air Force and Navy Wherry & Capehart Era Family Housing
DON Brochure: Federal Historic Tax Incentives
Capehart Wherry Context Study: Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Chapter 2: Introduction
Chapter 3: The Problem
Chapter 4: Legislative Remedy
Chapter 5: Housing Construction
Chapter 6: The Solution
Chapter 7: Summary and Recommendations
Chapter 8: Bibliography
Chapter 9: Acknowledgements
Appendix A: Site Visits
Appendix B: Sponsors and Architects
Appendix C: Selected Architect Profiles
Appendix D: Housing Projects
Appendix E: Inventories from Real Property Databases
Appendix F: Analysis of Case Studies
Appendix G: Recommendations for Properties of Particular Importance
Appendix H: FHA Square Footages by Building Type
Appendix I: Federal Housing Legislation
Appendix J: Glossary of Terms
Appendix K: List of Acronyms
Appendix L: Oral Histories
Appendix M: Resumes of Key Project Personnel

General Reference Materials

The Architecture of the DoD: A Military Style Guide
DON Reference Guide to Historic Properties
Hawaii PA
San Diego PA
Navy Cold War Guided Missile Context
Navy Cold War Communications Context
DON Policy on Consultation with Federally Recognized Indian Tribes


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