Recordkeeping Manual


The Recordkeeping Manual provides instructions on how to submit documents for inclusion in the program's Environmental Document Management System and information about compiling, documenting, managing and maintaining CERCLA Environmental Restoration Administrative Record Files, Post Decision Files, Site Files and Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant (POL) Files.

Environmental Record Keeping Manual

Change Log
Cover Page, Preface and Glossary
Chapter 1 Introduction to the Administrative Record, Post Decision and Site Files
Chapter 2 Introduction to Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant
Chapter 3 Environmental Restoration Community Relations
Chapter 4 Restoration Public Web Pages
Chapter 5 Introduction to the Electronic Document Management System
Chapter 6 How to Review, Organize and Process Documents for NIRIS
Chapter 7 Labels, Cover Pages, and Notifications
Chapter 8 Preparing Documents for Scanning


Appendix A References and Bibliography
Appendix B List of Administrative Record, Post Decision and Site Files
Appendix C Critical Installation Infrastructure
Appendix D Nine Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Exemptions
Appendix E Restoration Community Relations
Appendix F Federal Government Employee Records Responsibilities
Appendix H Managing Documents with Sensitive Information
Appendix I Records Manager and Project Manager Records Responsibilities
Appendix J Federal Records Centers
Appendix K NIRIS EDMS Ready .PDFs
Appendix L Managing Special Documents
Appendix N The Document Data Sheet and Distribution Statements
- 1) Document Data Sheet Transmittal Form Instruction
- 2) Document Data Sheet Transmittal Form
- 3) Document Data Sheet Enclosure 1 List of Unit Identification Codes
- 4) Document Data Sheet Enclosure 2 Distribution Statement Guide
Appendix O NAVFAC SOP to Submit Documents to NIRIS
Appendix P Records Management Metadata Entry
Appendix Q Compliance and Installation Generated Documents
Appendix R Land Use Control Documents
Appendix S Petroleum Oil and Lubricant (POL) Documents
Appendix T Munitions Response Program (MRP) Documents
Appendix U Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Documents
Appendix V NAVFAC Generic Document Template Directions
- - NAVFAC Generic Document Template
Appendix W Streamline Document Construction
Appendix X Cover Pages and Slip Sheet Notifications
Appendix Y Records Holds and Freezes
Appendix Z Redaction Policy


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