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Site 17 - Pettibone Creek and Site 27 – Boat Basin

Site Description

Pettibone Creek sediments contain elevated concentrations of SVOCs, pesticides, and metals, and to a lesser extent VOCs and Aroclor 1254. The data indicate that Pettibone Creek (Site 17) has been the primary migration route for contaminants to enter the Boat Basin (Site 27), and consequently the Inner and Outer Harbors.

Contaminants present in the Boat Basin (Site 27), Inner Harbor, and the Outer Harbor sediments appear to have originated from unidentified sources located upstream from Naval Station Great Lakes in the city of North Chicago, and from unidentified sources located on Naval Station Great Lakes property. The relative proportion of the contaminants derived from these two general sources is unknown.

Remedial Actions

Samples were collected by United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) contractor from Pettibone Creek upstream of the Inner Harbor on May 22, 1980. Site investigations were conducted at the Naval Station Great Lakes Harbor in April 1988, April 1989 and December 1989 to evaluate dredging and disposal options for potentially contaminated sediments in the Boat Basin, the Inner Harbor, and the Outer Harbor. In August 1991, the Navy issued a contract task order requesting that further investigation, in the form of a site investigation (SI) be conducted at the Boat Basin, the Inner Harbor, and the Outer Harbor. A report and a technical memorandum were completed that presented the results of sediment and surface water sampling of Pettibone Creek, the Boat Basin, the Inner Harbor, the Outer Harbor and Lake Michigan in August 1992.

A RI/RA was conducted in 2001 for Pettibone Creek and the Boat Basin. A Sediment Characterization investigation for Pettibone Creek was conducted in 2012. A 2013 ROD for Pettibone Creek notes that no action is necessary to protect public health or the environment.

Remedial alternatives and a revised FS for the Boat Basin are being developed.

Previous Investigations

Previous investigations, plans and documentation at this site are: RI/RA; FS; Sediment Characterization Report in Support of the FS; PP; and a ROD. Investigations for the Boat Basin were: SI; and RI/RA.

Current Status

No Further Action is required for Pettibone Creek.

A Revised FS is in process for the Boat Basin.

Site 17 Map


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