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Site 25 – Camp Moffett South Fill Area

Historical Use

There is limited historical information regarding the site. The exact extent of the Camp Moffett Southern Fill Area is not known; however, it appears to be an approximately 6-acre area bounded by Buckley Road to the south, Kansas Street to the west, and Route 137 and Sheridan Road to the east. The fill area was located on Navy property within a fenced and restricted area. Past excavations in the area uncovered small bottles that were possibly consistent with disposal of medical wastes. Site walkovers noted the presence of asbestos-containing material within surface soil. Fill ranges from 2 and 15 feet thick across the site, consisting primarily of reworked native soils. The upper portion of fill contains trace amounts of construction debris. The most significant constituents detected are metals, and to a lesser degree, PAHs.

Remedial Actions

A RI/RA which was initiated in 2012 has been completed at the site. The human health risk assessment shows that the ILCR for all evaluated receptors exposed to surface soil or subsurface soil is within or below the EPA target cancer risk management range. All evaluated receptors exposed to surface soil, subsurface soil, and groundwater have HIs that are below the EPA target HI of 1 under both the RME and CTE scenario for each media. ILCRs and HIs were not estimated for the residential evaluation. Instead, risk-based remediation goals were developed for each COPC by media and compared to the COPC concentration of the corresponding media for each sample location. Results of this comparison indicate that further evaluation, with respect to surface soil, subsurface soil, and groundwater exposure may be required for the hypothetical future resident. Risk to ecological receptors is considered acceptable. A feasibility study is warranted to evaluate several metals, detected asbestos, and exposed debris on the southern third of the site. A surface water drain on the south slope of the area overflows and cut deeply into the topsoil, potentially exposing fill material. A remedial design is being prepared.

Previous Investigations

A RI/RA has been completed at this site.

Current Status

A FS, PP, ROD, and Remedial Design are in process for this site.

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