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Installation Restoration Program

The Installation Restoration (IR) Program is a Department of Defense (DoD) initiative that identifies, investigates, and cleans up former waste disposal sites. A variety of waste—such as solvents, waste oil, scrap metal and lumber—are generated at military installations. Past disposal practices for these wastes, although acceptable at the time, did not meet today’s stricter environmental laws. In 1980, the DoD changed the way it does business. Since then, DoD has been a recognized leader in environmental compliance.

The goal of the DoD Installation Restoration Program is to reduce, in a cost-effective manner, the risk to human health and the environment of hazardous substance contamination from past DoD activities in the U.S. and its territories. Risk management is the primary philosophy in programming, budgeting, and executing the program.

In 1975, DoD began a pilot program to investigate past hazardous waste disposal on military property. This pilot program evolved into the current Environmental Restoration Program, which includes both the Installation Restoration Program and the Munitions Response Program. Depending upon the circumstances, military environmental restoration sites are identified, investigated, and cleaned up in accordance with RCRA or CERCLA, or an integrated approach based on both laws.

Currently, all of the environmental restoration sites on Vieques are being investigated and cleaned up under the CERCLA process. Sites with Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) are being investigated and cleaned up under the Munitions Response Program.

SWMU 7 - before
SWMU 7 - Before
SWMU 7 - before
SWMU 7 - After

Munitions Response Program (MRP)

The DoD established the military munitions response program in 2001 to clean up sites known to contain or suspected of containing munitions and munitions-related items. The MRP’s goal is to safely reduce the threats to public safety from MEC. For more information on the MRP program on Vieques, visit the Environmental Restoration Program page.

MRP Site Casings
MRP Site - Before
MRP Site - After
MRP Site - After


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