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NAVFAC's expeditionary products and services are delivered to the warfighter by the NAVFAC Expeditionary Programs Office (NEPO) located in Washington, DC, the NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC) located in Port Hueneme, CA, and with the support of various providers worldwide within government and industry.

NEPO, as part of NAVFAC headquarters, provides the supported commanders with a single coordination point for NAVFAC expeditionary products and services. NEPO independently executes the responsibilities for Tables of Allowance (TOA) management and enterprise operations. In its expeditionary systems command (SYSCOM) role, NEPO focuses on next generation capability, serves as the primary representative for cross-SYSCOM and joint initiatives, and provides oversight of current year execution. NEPO consists of a Product Group staff with six program managers, a TOA Requirements staff, an Enterprise Operations staff, and a functionally-aligned staff who operate under the leadership of a Civil Engineer Corps Captain.

The expeditionary component of EXWC, which is headquartered in Port Hueneme, CA, and has an expeditionary detachment in Gulfport, MS, focuses on procurement, fielding and sustainment of existing TOA equipment and material. EXWC also directly supports NEPO and other Commands with research, development, test and evaluation of future capabilities, as well as specialized engineering and logistics support. The expeditionary component of EXWC consists of an Operations staff that is directly aligned to the NEPO programs managers, and an Expeditionary Department aligned to NEPO’s functionally-aligned program staff.



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