Expeditionary Documents


Navy Expeditionary Table of Allowance (TOA) Development and Revision Policy and Processes PDF NAVFACINST 4423.1J, 2 Sep 2014; Allowance Change Request Form, NAVFAC 4423/1 (6-14) (fillable PDF)

Acquisition Logistics Responsibilities and Procedures for Navy Expeditionary Table of Allowance Materiel PDF NAVFACINST 4081.1B, 17 Sep 2019 (prior version dated 23 Jun 2009 with accompanying Acquisition Logistics Manual)

Management of Expeditionary Equipment PDF NAVFAC P-480, 29 Jun 2016

Corrosion Prevention and Control Procedures for US Navy Expeditionary Ground Equipment PDF NAVFAC Technical Manual S6360-AW-MMO-010, 1 Jan 2013



Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System CJCSI 5123.01H, 31 August 2018

Department of the Navy Implementation and Operation of the Defense Acquisition System and the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System PDF SECNAVINST 5000.2E, 1 Sep 2011

Mandatory Navy Key Performance Parameters for Cost, Schedule, and Space, Weight, Power and Cooling Margins PDF OPNAV memo 5000 Ser N00/100057, 1 Aug 2013

Department of the Navy Acquisition and Capabilities Guidebook PDF SECNAV M-5000.2, May 2012

Rapid Fulfillment of Combatant Commander Urgent Operational Needs PDF DODD 5000.71, 24 Aug 2012

Navy Urgent Needs Process Implementation PDF ASN(RD&A) and CNO (N8) memorandum 4000 Ser N8/7U162072, 26 Jul 2007

Navy Expeditionary Table of Allowance and Advanced Base Functional Component Policy PDF OPNAVINST 4040.39C, 18 Jun 2013

Department of the Navy Research and Development, Acquisition, Associated Life-Cycle Management, and Logistics Responsibilities and Accountability PDF SECNAVINST 5400.15C CH-1, 2 Dec 2011


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