PM Uniforms/PGI

The Program Manager Uniforms and Personal Gear Issue (PGI) fields, sustains and assesses organizational clothing and equipment to enhance the performance, capability, survivability, mobility, and sustainability of the Navy’s expeditionary forces. The area of coverage is broad and includes items such as sleep systems, hydration systems, tactical ID, navigation, hot/west gear, photographic gear, deployment bags, individual tools, accessories for weapons and CBRN, personal protective equipment (e.g., pads, hearing protection, hardhats), diving gear, dry suits and life vests.

The PM also coordinates the Navy’s budget and requirements process for select Class II managed by the Marine Corps Systems Command’s Product Manager Infantry Combat Equipment. These Class II items include individual ballistic protection systems, individual load-bearing systems, flame-resistant gear and cold-weather gear.

The Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type II and III program was transferred to the Naval Supply Systems Command effective 1 Oct 2014. This milestone marks a successful conclusion to NAVFAC’s involvement in the program, which was assigned to NAVFAC in September 2011 by NAVADMIN 259/11. NAVFAC quickly assembled a NWU-II/III team from six commands across DoD to develop and deliver the Navy’s next generation, tactical combat uniforms in record time. The uniforms improved mission success by reducing the probability of visual and infrared detection, while providing improved durability and comfort to the warfighter. Major milestones included securing $66 Million in program funds, developing an innovative acquisition strategy to accelerate fielding by 18 months, finalizing the uniform design, developing a logistics plan to support initial outfitting of 60,000 personnel, and implementing a world class communications plan to keep the warfighter informed of program status. With centrally-funded initial issue concluding in June 2012 and the program in life cycle sustainment, the transition to NAVSUP provides synergy, alignment and value given NAVSUP’s NWU Type I responsibilities. NAVSUP has designated Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM)’s Uniform Program Management Group (UPMG) as the program manager and Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility (NCTRF) as the ISEA for the NWU-II/III and ancillary components, e.g., trousers, blouses, cover, boots, parka, insignia and nametapes.


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