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SBA NAICS Training Brief

This Small Business Administration (SBA) presentation provides complete details of the North American Industry Code System (NAICS), to help a small business understand what they are, how they are determined, and what the codes stand for.  The brief also explains how to use the NAICS to determine a businesses' size under the established SBA size standards using the various NAICS.

Small Business Subcontracting Plan Template

This template is for use for Large Business Prime Contractors submitting Small Business Subcontracting Plans (SBSP) as part of their proposal, or in response to a request for an SBSP.  SBSPs are required when Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Clause 52.219-9 is included in the contract, or when required in the Request for Proposal.  Contact your local NAVFAC Contracting Officer or Small Business Professional if you have questions concerning this template.

Size and Subcontracting Regulatory Changes August 2013

This presentation was developed by the Small Business Administration to provide updates on Final Rules regarding 1) Small Business Size and Status Integrity effective 27 Aug 2013 (Fed Reg Vol 78, no. 125, June 28, 2013); and 2) Small Business Subcontracting effective 15 Aug 2013 (Fed Reg Vol 78, no. 136, July 16, 2013).


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