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Defense Procurement, Acquisition Policy (DPAP):  DPAP is responsible for all acquisition and procurement policy matters in the Department of Defense (DoD).  The DPAP office serves as the principal advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L), Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology (A&T), and the Defense Acquisition Board on acquisition/procurement strategies for all major weapon systems programs, major automated information systems programs and services acquisitions.  DPAPD Home Page:  http://www.acq.osd.dpap/index.html .  DPAP wants to encourage companies to do business with DoD.  To make it easier for companies to understand how to engage in the business process with DoD, DPAP is pleased to offer an introductory overview for companies based in the United States, as well as a guide for foreign companies:

The Department of Defense Office of Small Business ProgramsMission-Advise the Secretary of the Defense on all matters related to small business.  Represent the Secretary of Defense on major small business matters addressed at the OSD level.  Develop DoD-wide small business policy and provide oversight to ensure compliance by all military departments and defense agencies.  Provide Military Departments, Denfense Agencies, and Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) with training and tools to foster an environment that encourages small business participation in defense acquisition.

System for Award Management (SAM):  The SAM is a Federal Government owned and operated free web site that consolidates the capabilities in Central Contractor Registration/Federal Register, Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA), and Excluded Parties List System (EPLS).  Future phases of SAM will add the capabilities of other systems used in Federal procurement and awards processes.

DOD Procurement Technical Assistance Centers:  PTA Centers are a local resource available at no or nominal cost that can provide assistance to business firms in marketing products and services to the Federal, state and local governments.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT SAM:  PTACs have received SAM training from General Services Administration (GSA) so they can assist businesses wading through the SAM process.  The PTACs have a special help desk number their counselors can use when needed.  A local PTAC can be found at or  Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) site may show only one office in some states where there are actually several offices so please be sure to ask for a local office, if applicable. 


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