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DON Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP):  The goal of the Navy Office of Small Business Programs is to assist small business entrepreneurs navigate through the Department's decentralized acquisition program to ensure the Warfighter receives quality products.  The Navy has and will continue to support small business participation as both prime and subcontractors.  The Department of the Navy embraces the critical role of small businesses in maintaining the strength of our naval capability and the nation's economy by focusing on leadership, teamwork, customer service, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Doing Business with the Navy:  The mission of the Department of the Navy (DON), Research, Development and Acquisition (RD&A) is to provide weapons, systems, and platforms for men and women of the Navy/Marine Corps that support missions and give them a technological edge over our adversaries.  To understand the full spectrum of the DON RD&A responsibility and opportunities available to your business, visit,

DON 10 Steps to Success:  The guide found at this link provides you with information on how to successfully market your business or product to the Department of the Navy:

Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO):  The Navy's solicitations and procurements related information.  Vendors interested in doing business with the Navel Facilities Engineering Command or the Navy will find procurement opportunities that exceed $25,000 on the website.


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