Enable personnel readiness and support system lifecycle management to ensure to the preservation of life and property.



Operate in a constant state of Safety awareness.



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The Safety directorate provides strategic policies and oversight as well as technical expertise and guidance to affect an enterprise program designed to eliminate preventable injuries, illnesses or damage to government property. Based on the principles of Operational Risk Management and applicable regulatory requirements and adopted consensus standards, Safety executes Program Administration, ESAMS Oversight, Training, Policy Formulation, Communications (Safety Awareness). The Safety directorate also serves as the executive agent for the Navy Mishap Prevention & Hazard Abatement (MPHA) program.




Program Administration

§  Serves as the NAVFAC Commanders’ principal advisor on all occupational safety and health matters.

§  Manages and executes the Navy Mishap Prevention & Hazard Abatement (MPHA) program.

§  Performs corporate risk analysis and establishes mitigation/abatement strategies.

§  Provides contractor radiological oversight program management.

§  Certifies enterprise Safety performance.

§  Supports mishap investigations and corrective actions.


Enterprise Safety Applications Management System (ESAMS) Oversight

§  Servers as the Contracting’s Officer Representative (COR).

§  Ensures system functionality and accesses.

§  Ensures data integrity.

§  Manages safety performance metrics and data analytics.



§  Develops new or necessary requirements.

§  Develops curriculum, training aids and briefings.

§  Determines appropriate delivery vehicles, IT solutions and other innovations.

§  Interprets overarching requirements and ensures appropriate adaptation and deployment.


Policy Formulation

§  Develops, interprets and publishes corporate safety policies and guidance.

§  Ensures policies and guidance aligns with Federal, Navy and applicable consensus standards.

§  Ensures inclusion of applicable Safety criteria within all NAVFAC’s products and services.



§  Develops and publishes the corporate Safety Communications Plan.

§  Leads engagement with higher headquarters and internal/external stakeholders.

§  Leads Safety campaign efforts.


Mishap Prevention & Hazard Abatement (MPHA)


§  Use links provided.

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