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Welcome to the NAVFAC Safety & Health Handbook (P-1300) Online Edition

As Rear Adm. Greg Shear stated in his memorandum for Public Works Officers, OICCs and ROICCs on Sept. 28, 2009, Every NAVFAC activity will be performed safely. To reinforce this core principle, leadership will be intrusively involved, permeating every facet of our operations, such that a culture of safety is embraced by all who are associated with NAVFAC.

NAVFAC is committed to create a safety culture that emphasizes every individual's responsibility to ensure a safe workplace for themselves and their co-workers. Only through leadership commitment, open communication, and establishing the proper command climate can NAVFAC's safety goals become realized.

NAVFAC's Strategic Plan for 2008-2014 includes safety as one of NAVFAC's major strategic imperatives. From the Performance (PF) Focus Area section beginning on page 16:

"The speed, quality and cost effectiveness of our performance directly affects the readiness and capabilities of the Navy and Marine Corps. We improve processes, simplify management, and deliver products and services on-target with safety as our first priority.

PF.1 Safety

Goal: Align our efforts to embed safety awareness and accountability as a team mind-set driving mishap rates toward zero..."

Download the Safety & Health Handbook (PDF 3.68MB)
Revised December 2012

Tips Sheets Highlighting the Basic Operational Risk Management (ORM) evaluation process associated with several high risk activities

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