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The Navy Ergonomics Program is focused on engaging at the operational level to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses for Navy personnel through mishap prevention activities. The Navy Ergonomics program seeks initiatives to reduce exposure to injury risks and provides strategic direction to develop policies.

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Online Navy Ergonomics Course 
  • Upcoming dates and times:
    • 01/22/18 - 01/25/18    2-hour live session: 0900-1100 EST
    • 03/26/18 - 03/29/18    2-hour live session: 1300-1500 EST
    • 05/14/18 - 05/17/18    2-hour live session: 0900-1100 EST
    • 07/16/18 - 07/19/18    2-hour live session: 1300-1500 EST
    • 09/10/18 - 09/13/18    2-hour live session: 0900-1100 EST
  • 4 day, 32 – hour Navy Ergonomics Course
  • Office Ergonomics module, daily quizzes and mini-class studies, one final case study, and checklists for assessing office workstations
  • Sign up for the course through your normal required training process.


Navy Ergonomics Refresher Course 
  • The new 1-day Navy Ergonomics Refresher Course is a review of the training you receive during the 32-hour Navy Ergonomics Course.
  • The refresher course is available on the Training page.  

Can Sit-Stand Workstations Combat Obesity? Research Says Maybe Not.

"Using a standing desk at the office may not result in a trimmer waistline after all, according to new research on sedentary behavior published in the November issue of Human Factors."

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How Biomedical Engineering Is Improving Workplace Safety

"Most companies offer some type of training and support to prevent injuries, from voluntary ergonomics evaluations and training to formal safety programs. These programs do not occur on their own, though, and are based on both best practices developed over time, and the latest biomedical and biomechanical research."

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Adding Lean and Six Sigma to Your Ergonomics Toolkit


"How can you apply the methodologies of Six Sigma Yellow Belt training and lean Yellow Belt to improve processes and quality in your ergonomics initiatives? Take the first steps toward getting certified and bringing new applications to your organization."


Date: 1 January 2018

Time: 1400 Eastern

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 Our Services

  • Technical support and consultation via site visit, distance support, and special projects
  • Assistance with the evaluation and selection of tools and equipment
  • Mishap Prevention and Hazard Abatement Program project development and execution
  • Interpretation of Navy Instructions or guidance documents pertaining to ergonomics
  • Resources – Webpage outreach and Field tools
  • Ergonomics training 


Navy Resources for Office Ergonomics includes the following:
  • 32 – hour Navy Ergonomics Course: Office Ergonomics module and checklists for assessing office workstations
  • NKO: NAVFAC NFEC-E-M5-OE-1.0 Office Ergonomics
  • ESAMS: ID 3030 Office Ergonomics
  • Navy Ergonomics does not perform assessments or mitigations for office workspaces (per OPNAVINST 5100.23)


Navy Ergonomics Program Manager

Cindy Whitehead, MHS, CPE
Navy Ergonomics Program SME

Phone: 540.653.8257
Fax: 540.653.3607
Gov’t Phone: 540.498.7295

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