Mishap Prevention and Hazard Abatement

Mishap Prevention and Hazard Abatement (MPHA) Program

Mishap Prevention and Hazard Abatement (MPHA) program is a centrally managed fund to correct safety and health deficiencies beyond the funding capabilities of the activity. The Naval Facilities Engineering command MPHA Program can provide technical and financial assistance when funding is beyond the capability of the local activity or claimant. 

  • Help Navy reduce injuries/illnesses and lost workdays
  • Educate Navy on mishap prevention
  • Correct hazards beyond funding capability of local commanders
  • Address Navy-wide issues (economy of scale)

Support will be provided for solution development. The customer is an integrated part of the team from needs identification part of the team from needs identification through solution. This helps the customer achieve their safety and health program goals by preventing mishaps and reduce lost time.

It is an annual program and projects compete annually for funding. The funding will be sent to the activity/ command. The activity/command must purchase the items themselves. MPHA will need Financial POC information of the person who can execute received funding. This person is usually different from the person who processes the funding received from MPHA. 

F.12.11.2 HAP Project Initiation - NAVFAC BMS Process on how to submit your project for consideration.

Typical MPHA Projects

Deficiencies identified by:

  • Local or regional OSH office
  • Mishaps or injuries
  • Industrial Hygienist surveys

Basic project requirements:

  • Engineered projects greater than $50,000
  • Ergonomic projects (industrial) greater than $10,000
  • There is no charge for technical consultation
  • Projects protect life not property
MPHA Program Ergonomics Support Services
  • On-site ergonomics risk assessments
  • MPHA project development/execution
  • Technical support and consultation on all ergonomics
  • Resources – Webpage outreach and Field tools
  • Ergonomics training

MPHA does not perform assessments or mitigations for office workspaces (per OPNAVINST 5100.23)


What happens to a submitted project? - Process flowchart

ESAMS Hazard Abatement Program User's Manual - The manual includes information on how to submit HA projects using ESAMS. 

Note:  The Hazard Abatement Project Database is now located in ESAMS.  Projects can be submitted there.  ESAMS Link Here.

MPHA Basics - What is required to submit an HA project and who can be contacted to get more information.

Eligible Hazard Abatement Projects - What projects can be submitted to the Hazard Abatement database.

Project Write up help - Help in write the project description.

Mishap Prevention and Hazard Abatement Program Glossary and Acronyms - A listing of common terms and words used in the MPHA program.

Frequently Asked Questions - A group of questions and answers providing information about the Hazard Abatement Program.


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