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Security Equipment Requirements

GSA-Approved Security Equipment
Inspection Training



Containers and Vault Doors

General Services Agency (GSA) has developed the Inspection Program for GSA-Approved Security Equipment to provide a means for government users and government contractors to replace missing GSA approval labels and utilize security equipment when the equipment is inspected and determined to conform to GSA security and safety standards. GSA-approved security containers and vault doors must have a GSA approval label or a GSA recertification label on the front of the equipment in order to store classified National Security Information (NSI) or arms, ammunitions, and explosives (AA&E).

The cost to recertify a container varies and depends upon the extent of the repairs needed.  To retain an authorized inspector visit the GSA-Approved Security Equipment Inspector Training page to see the schools that provide authorized training.  These schools maintain lists of students that have successfully completed training requirements.

Federal Specifications and Standards

The Federal Specifications and Standards that apply to GSA-approved containers and repairs are:


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