Center for Information Dominance Corry Station

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NTTC Corry Station is located in northwest Florida, within Escambia County, approximately 2 miles north of Naval Aviation Station (NAS) Pensacola. NTTC Corry Station covers 604.2 acres of land, the majority of which is developed and occupies approximately 431.5 acres, or 71 percent. Corry Station was used as an outlying landing field for NAS Pensacola from 1922 to 1958. The airfield was named in honor of LCDR William M. Corry, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his attempt to rescue a fellow crew member from a burning aircraft.

When training began at Corry Field in 1922, the field was sandy, facilities were primitive, and groundskeepers were on duty to keep cows from wandering into the landing area during flight operations. Eventually a small barracks, mess hall and garage, were built. In 1932, construction of hard surface runways, hangers and control tower transformed Corry Station into a first class training facility with one of the first airfields in the US to be hard surfaced. Flight training continued through World War II and the Korean Conflict, until the airfield was decommissioned in 1958. At that time training at Corry Station began to focused on technical training such as cryptology, electronic warfare, equipment maintenance, information technology, and signal analysis. Corry Station now also includes a regional hospital and enlisted family housing.



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