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NAVFAC has been supporting the expeditionary warfighter since the establishment of the Seabees in World War II. This support continues today for a much broader community, which includes the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, Naval Beach Groups, Naval Special Warfare, Navy Expeditionary Medical Support and similar expeditionary forces ashore.


The major functions of the NAVFAC Expeditionary Directorate are to provide theater engagement (TE) and contingency engineering (CE) support to the deployed warfighter; develop and maintain the warfighter materiel allowance lists known as Tables of Allowances (TOA); conduct initial outfitting and total life-cycle systems management of the materiel solutions authorized in the TOAs; and support the operations of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Enterprise (NECE).


Contingency Engineering and Theater Engagement


The CE/TE Division manages worldwide CE and TE operations encompassing all NAVFAC product and services via NAVFAC Atlantic and NAVFAC Pacific. CE leads contingency-related DoD construction agent services and global contracting for the full range of military operations as well as emergency management programs (plan, mitigate, respond, and recover) at naval installations, for Defense Support of Civil Authorities, and for Foreign Humanitarian Assistance operations. TE provides Phase 0 engineering and contracting support for naval, joint, and combined operating forces outside enduring installations.


Table of Allowance Data/Process Management


The TOA Requirements Division manages the TOAs, which are the lists of systems, equipment and material authorized for an expeditionary unit to conduct its assigned mission, in accordance with OPNAVINST 4040.39 and NAVFACINST 4423.1. The division coordinates the processes required to develop, modify, and manage the TOAs; ensuring TOAs are based on OPNAV-approved required operational capabilities and projected operational environments, and ensuring SYSCOM identification of systems and materiel solutions includes consideration of commonality across forces to the maximum extent practical. The division is also responsible for maintaining the official repository for CNO-approved TOAs and ensuring data integrity within the repository.


TOAs can be viewed on the TOA Viewer web site at


Initial Outfitting and Total Life-Cycle Systems Management


Expeditionary Directorate provides oversight of the NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC) Expeditionary Programs Office (ExPO) which is responsible for the initial outfitting, recapitalization and total life cycle systems management of the systems, equipment and material authorized for expeditionary TOAs. This role is performed in accordance with DoD systems acquisition guidance and is executed for the following areas assigned within SECNAVINST 5400.15C: expeditionary systems and materiel including civil engineer support equipment (CESE), expeditionary Material Handling Equipment (eMHE), logistics-over-the-shore, tent camps and tools; construction equipment and training systems; expeditionary information technology systems; and personal gear infantry for NECC, naval beach groups, and similar forces.


Enterprise Operations Support


The Enterprise Operations Division is responsible for supporting and facilitating the Navy Expeditionary Combat Enterprise’s (NECE) strategic charter in several key areas to include:

  • Efficiency & Effectiveness by maximizing use of SYSCOM resources and identifying duplication of functions, leveraging best practices and identifying and seeking mutual based solutions to SYSCOM conflict and responsibilities (new or existing).
  • Integrating by leading development of common procedures (e.g., Buy Plan), coordinating common SYSCOM metrics as needed (e.g., Execution), and being the primary touch point when integrated, coordinated, or consolidated communication is required.
  • Developing agreements as applicable
  • Managing and supporting Board of Director (BOD) and Executive Committee (EXCOM) meetings


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