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Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area, Master Station Detachment Cutler

Environmental Restoration Program Public Website

The Navy’s Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) at NCTAMS LANT Det Cutler complies with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA) requirements and the 2002 Administrative Order of Consent between the United States Department of the Navy – Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (Maine DEP).

One of the primary objectives of the CERCLA process and the 2002 Administrative Order of Consent is to provide for public input and participation in the remedial process.

Restoration Advisory Board

A Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) does not currently exist for NCTAMS LANT Det Cutler; however, if in the future it is necessary to form a RAB, the Navy will hold RAB meetings to discuss key environmental activities or for general updates.

Typical RAB meetings are designed to provide information to the public and the media on a timely basis, and to encourage public involvement in the ERP. These meetings are open to the public and can be covered by local media. Meetings are typically held when a draft Action Memorandum or draft Decision Document is prepared or there is significant information regarding the ERP that warrants dissemination to the public. Public notice of the meetings is made in local newspapers and mailings. Subjects covered can include the status of all ongoing studies and remedial actions, as well as discussions of possible remedial alternatives for sites determined to require remediation. Meetings are typically scheduled during the evening and focus on soliciting comments from the public.

Information Repository

The Navy has established an information repository for NCTAMS LANT Det Cutler at the Louise Clements Library located in Cutler, ME and the Porter Memorial Library located in Machias, ME. Environmental reports and other documents of public interest, such as Preliminary Site Assessments, Site Investigations, Remedial Investigations, Feasibility Studies, Proposed Plans, Decision Documents, memorandums, and various correspondence have been placed in the information repositories. This information repository is a collection of documents considered important. The information repository allows for open and convenient public access to site-related documents provided for public disclosure. There are two information repositories dedicated to NCTAMS LANT Det Cutler. These repositories are:

Porter Memorial Library
92 Court Street
Machias, Maine 04654
Louise Clements Library
2655 Cutler Road
Cutler, Maine 04626

In March 2009, the Navy created and issued two compact discs (CDs) of information including the NCTAMS Cutler Administrative Record and the NCTAMS Cutler Master File Library. These CDs provide historical environmental documents for the NCTAMS LANT Det Cutler ERP through the year 2008. Both of these CDs were distributed to the local libraries, the Maine DEP, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). The contents of these CDs can be viewed from the Links Page. A single CD update to these older CDs was completed in May 2018 and includes the administrative documents through December 2017. The updated May 2018 CD was distributed to the Louise Clements Library, Porter Memorial Library, Maine DEP, and US EPA.

Administrative Record

In addition to the physical document repository shown above, documents are available electronically via the Administrative Record File. See the Administrative Record link in the navigation bar above for additional information.

Local Newspapers

The local newspapers (i.e., the Machias Valley Observer, Bangor Daily News, and Down East Coastal Press) are also good sources for dispersion of information to the public. These newspapers can be used to inform the public of information regarding upcoming public meetings and pertinent project milestones.

Navy Public Affairs Office

The Navy is committed to providing accurate, timely, and comprehensive information to interested parties and the media. The schedules, purposes, and results of technical activities are readily available to the public. Inquiries are handled quickly, courteously, and consistently. Information regarding the ERP will be presented in an easily understood and non-technical format. Finally, to ensure that inquiries from the media are handled efficiently and consistently, the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) has been designated as the spokesperson and single point of contact. The Navy Public Affairs Officer (PAO) will be the key contact for project inquiries and questions. For additional information please contact:

NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic
Public Affairs Officer
9324 Virginia Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia 23511
Phone: (757) 341-1410 / 1411

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