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Reasons We serve

Each CEC officer has his or her own reasons why they choose to serve their country rather than a civilian career.  Here are quotes from newly selected Collegiates and newly commissioned CEC officers:


"I want to follow in my family's footsteps of military service to our country."

"I am committed to the common goal of upholding the Constitution and protection our nation."

"I love our great nation and I will do all I can to see it stay free."

"It would be an honor to be a part of the Navy team; to be the best; to lead the best; to better the world around us; to help people have a better quality of life, and to stand out as a leader in building a community and defending our great nation."

"The overwhelming inclination I have to serve my country, as well as my desire to build, makes the Navy Civil Engineer Corps destined to be the next step. The commitment I have to aiding others reinforces the Navy as the obvious choice."

"Upon further research I discovered that, not only did I feel like I was a good fit for the job, but I could also combine my two passions; construction and serving others."

"The love I feel for my country is as respectful as it is passionate. Emering threats to our national security have piqued my attention and I truly feel called to answer the call of our country."

"By joining the Navy, I will be joining a new team that will soon become my family. The Navy is full of camaraderie, everyone is putting one another before themselves and working together to achieve a common goal. A comrade is someone you can trust you life with, someone you can tell anything to, and someone who knows how to pick up your spirits."


"I believe that the United States represents the best of humanity. Our support for liberty, our dedication to protect it and continuously improve upon it defines who we are as a nation and as a people. The belief that we stand and fight for what is morally right and assist those who may not have the same capability is something that is embodied in the US Navy. I feel inclined to join the Navy because I believe in its mission and find this path as a noble and meaningful use for my life."


"Whether it is assisting our combat troops through a project with the Seabees or maintaining or building an important military facility in support of our shipmates and pilots, the sense of fulfilment from these projects in unparalleled in the civilian sector."

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